The tradition of Cougar volleyball is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Cougar program has proven its successes over and over again, especially over the last decade, qualifying for the Northwest Athletic Conference Championships in 16 of the last 19 seasons. Cougar Volleyball is not only about winning on the court; academic performance in the classroom is also a high priority.

Clackamas volleyball teams were one of only a handful of junior colleges in the nation awarded the American Volleyball Coaches Association Team Academic Award. This award honors teams who have matched their dedication to the sport of volleyball with excellence in the classroom.

"I am extremely proud of these teams," Coach Kathie Woods said. "They really demonstrated what the Cougar program is all about. We give 100 percent in school, volleyball and life ... and I am so proud of them. This is truly one of the program's greatest achievements!"

CCC Cougar Volleyball stands for more than just volleyball. The young women who qualify for the program know how hard and demanding it is. Since we do more than volleyball, a lot of our time goes into working specific fundraisers organized by the college, community service, volleyball camps and finding sponsorships. Many four-year college coaches seek athletes coming out of the Cougar program because they know these athletes demonstrate strong leadership qualities, characteristics that show they know what it takes to succeed.

As a result, many of our athletes go on to play volleyball all around the country. We have had athletes transfer to play in West Virginia, New Mexico, Alabama, Montana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Alaska — not to mention the local colleges and universities such as Oregon State, University of Portland, Southern Oregon, Western Oregon and Oregon Institute of Technology.

If you're interested in joining the Cougar Volleyball team, contact Coach Sarah Hoeke at 503-594- 3268.


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