• Frequently Asked Questions about CCC

    We know you have a lot of questions, and sometimes it can be tricky to find all the answers. We've collected a few of the most commonly asked questions for you. Take a look, and if you're not finding what you're looking for, you can always drop us a line using the form on the right.
  • Learn a little about Clackamas Community College

    Why should I choose CCC?
    •  Great value for the money. Going to CCC for the first two years of a bachelor's degree can save you more than $8,000, and we have many certificates that you can earn in a year or two that lead to high-demand jobs in our area.
    •  Close to home. We have three convenient campuses in Clackamas, County: Oregon City, Wilsonville and Harmony Community Campus near the Clackamas Town Center.
    •  State-of-the-art facilities: We have a world-class recording studio, a cutting-edge manufacturing department and professional-level motion-capture equipment, just to name a few of our offerings.
    • Rich student life. From clubs and sports to on-campus events like art shows, comedy nights and impromptu volleyball games, there's something to do at CCC that matches your interests.


    What areas of study can I pursue at CCC?

    In addition to transfer degrees that pave the way for an easy transition to a four-year public university, CCC offers students certificates and degrees in more than 80 career and technical programs, including the growing fields of renewable energy, medical assistance and digital multimedia communication.

    Here's just a few more of the options available to you:

    • Welding
    • Criminal justice
    • Retail management
    • Marketing
    • Urban agriculture
    • Water and Environmental Technology
    • Web Design

    Visit to www.clackamas.edu/Career_Technical_Programs.aspx to learn more about our classes.


    Can I start at CCC and transfer to a four-year college?

    Yes! CCC is an affordable and efficient way to get the credits you need before going to a four-year college. CCC offers four different transfer degrees including,

    • Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT),
    • Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree - Business (ASOT)
    • Associate of General Studies (AGS)
    • Oregon Transfer Module (ORM)

    We even have partnerships with several colleges so students can be dually enrolled, getting a great jumpstart on their four-year degrees.


    How much money can I save by going to CCC?
    CCC offers affordable education in Oregon The total cost of tuition and fees at CCC averages $4,134 for one year. The average of a four-year public university in Oregon is twice that, $8,267, and the average four-year private university costs $36,455 a year, more than eight times the cost of a year at CCC . (Figures provided by the Oregon Student Access Commission.)
    What are CCC’s mascot and school colors?

    The Cougie_CCC_mascotCCC mascot is the cougar, and the school’s colors are scarlet and navy. If you see Cougie at games or events, don’t be scared. — he’s friendly!


    When did the college open?
    CCC opened in 1966 with 693 part-time students taking classes at Gladstone High School.
    How big is CCC?
    Over the past five years, CCC has served an average of 35,578 students annually between our three campuses and our community education classes that are taught all over Clackamas County. In that same time, the college has offered 41,065 course sections, including everything from Accounting to Zumba.
    How many CCC students go on to get a four-year degree?
    Over the past 10 years, 77 percent of our transfer-intent graduates have gone on to a four-year college within three years of graduating CCC. We also know that of those transfer students, 90 percent study the same or a related major that they studied at CCC.
    How many CCC graduates get jobs right away?
    We're in the business of offering job training that leads to high-demand careers and proud of it. According to our most recent data, 87 percent of our certificate recipients found employment, a vast majority of these within six months of graduation (2011-12). Of those, 72 percent found work in a field related to their degree, and 40 percent found this employment right here in Clackamas County.