• The 'Art & Soul' of Clackamas

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    As CCC moved toward its 50th anniversary, college staff carefully considered how to mark the occasion in a way that was reflective of the past while opening the door to the future. That's how "Art & Soul" came to be. "Art & Soul" is a commemorative art book that features a collection of written and visual art created collaboratively between college staff and students. Artists participated in pairs in a creative partnership around the theme of Middle Age. One person created a work of art, and the other person in the pair created art in response to the first piece, and then the process was repeated. The book was designed by English Instructor Matthew Warren. The spirit of collaborating has always been what makes CCC special, and it will continue to be as Clackamas moves into the next 50 years. 

    The book is now available for sale at Clackamas Community College Bookstores for $19.66.  For hours and location of the bookstore, visit www.cccbooks.com/home.aspx  or call 503-594-6500.

  • The story behind the art

    CCC alum Trevor Ruhl explains his experience creating wooden carved forms in response to staff member Tara Sprehe's flash fiction at the gallery artist reception for Word and Form on May 12, 2015. The two joined about 40 other students, staff and instructors who took part in Word and Form, a collaborative art project that paired two artists to create call and response pieces.
  • Laying out the pieces

    After months of thoughtful work and collaboration, the Word and Form artist’s reception was held on May 12, 2015 in the Pauling Gallery on the college’s Oregon City campus. 


    The artists — all students, staff and faculty of CCC — thought about what the theme of “middle age” meant to them, interpreted it into their chosen art form and then presented it to a partner that had been selected for them. The second artist then used their partner’s work to influence their own art pieces. 


    Some of the pairs worked together on their projects, while others hadn’t met in person until the show. 


    The mediums included everything from live bellydancing to rotating poetry. For many of the artists, it was their first experience showing their work. 


    At right are images from that reception. 

  • Poetry Readings

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    Rings (Song lyrics)

    Author: Notash Rahari

    The center holds the memories
    Embroidered with your legacy
    And with your wisdom came maturity
    Where you were and how you used to be
    Oh is it easier to see
    When you were still anticipating,
    Awaiting your next discovery
    Did you ever feel a certainty
    That you were leaving for a dream,
    In search of better things

    You’re running a mile again
    You’re choosing your own terrain
    And you’re crossing every broken line
    Understanding where your mountains lie
    Yeah you’re spinning round the ring of life

    Watch the day as it’s quickly passing by
    Every moment you’re closing your eyes
    You’ve put your games and your politics aside
    From above the average point in mind
    Self-aware oh and savoring the time
    And leave every troubling thought behind
    Standing tall, your ambitions held so high
    Every starlight in the sky is a statement to live by
    Make note of every move
    Perceiving every feature
    You learned to love the view
    You’re running a mile again
    And you’re crossing every broken line
    You’re choosing your own terrain
    Understanding where your mountains lie
    You’re lost but you’ll find your way
    Cause your confidence is far from shy
    You might trace these arcs today
    But you’ll spin through rings just give it time

    The Hidden Current

    Author: Shelly Parini-Runge

    “Even the upper end of the river
    Believes in the Ocean.” - William Stafford

    Exactly at midnight
    after the moon has risen,
    turn and look at the river.

    Bow your eyes and follow
    the ragged silent river,
    all the way down.

    Imagine the heaviness it feels
    holding an undertow,
    of implicit memory and movements.

    When the river is ice
    ask if what you have done is your life,
    ask about the hidden current.
    We live by faith; it is a test for us.
    This is what I say.


    Author: Tara Sprehe

    He is sitting at the other end of the bar. Tall (at least from what I can tell. He is sitting after all), dark and HOT. I mean, Ryan Gosling hot. Dark, curly hair that falls to his shoulders. Olive colored skin and warm, brown eyes. Mediterranean maybe. Or Spanish. Oh, and 30. Tops. Probably closer to 25.

    I look at my own reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Noticeably not hot. The wrinkles are starting to show. You know the ones; "laugh lines", crow's feet, all the stuff that I was sure wouldn't happen to me, but I'm 46 and they are definitely happening. My blonde hair (dyed of course) is starting to get that frizzy, fried look. Like somehow I can't manage a hair dryer. Or hair product. Ugh. Seriously, I don't know how I got here. I mean, I know how I got here but I'm stymied as to what to do next.

    When the douche bag left me after 20 years of marriage, I thought this would be easy. While I definitely didn't relish the idea of dating again, I also didn't think it would be hard to find attractive, intelligent, single men my age to date. After all, I'm 46 not 80. Turns out I may have been just a teensy bit delusional about this. I have met a couple of intelligent men but they were married. And I have met a few single men but they seemed to be lacking in the intelligence department. But I haven't met too many attractive men and yet, here I sit at the other end of the bar from Mr. Hot and I am trying not to look at him.

    I cruised down to the local watering hole today because I was thirsty. For sex. With a hot man. (Or at least attractive. Or intelligent. Or even single. I really don't think I am being that picky.) And here I sit alternating glances between Mr. Mediterranean and the mirror and beating myself up because maybe I smoked a few too many cigarettes in college. And maybe I spent too much time in the sun in my 30's. Would my skin look better if I hadn't done those things? Why do I care so much? Does Mr. Hot care? Do I care if he cares?

    What if he comes over? What on earth would I say to this creature? I have been out of this bar scene way too long. The few dates I have been on were set up by my well-intentioned friends. That hasn't panned out so well. I really thought this would be easier. Does he have a pick up line? Do I? I think he's looking at me! That can't be possible. I look around to see if there is anyone else he could be looking at. Nope. It's 2:30 on a Wednesday afternoon (maybe this is my problem. Shouldn't I be at work? Shouldn't he??) and there is no one here except me, the bartender and Mr. Spaniard. Shit, I have no idea what to do if this starts to play out…oh dear god, he is coming toward me. He IS tall. And he wears dark clothes but regular jeans (not skinny jeans. What is with those?). I need to prepare! I need to say something intelligent or witty. Or Sexy. Maybe just settle for intelligent.

    "Hi. I'm Lazaro"

    "Hi. I'm 46"

    I wonder if the douche bag will take me back.

  • Amy_Burkhardt_320x300

    Amy Burghardt — collage

    Amy Burghardt brought together painting and collage.

    “When they announced the opportunity to participate in Word and Form and to get involved in the 50th anniversary celebration, I was excited,” she said. “It sounded intriguing and I’ve always been artistic, but mostly just quietly creative. I thought about it for a few days and then decided to take a chance and get involved,” she said.



  • Slideshow: Images that make up our 'Art & Soul'

    “Art & Soul” is a collection of written and visual art created collaboratively between college staff and students. Browse through some of the art created by and inspired by the community that makes up Clackamas during the college's middle age. The work takes form in story, poem, painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage — each representing a creative partnership.

    Scroll through this slideshow to see some of the art that made up this art show. To see more, pick up your copy of "Art & Soul" at the CCC Bookstores.

  • Multi-Media Projects

  • Fun Fact #1

    Voters said yes to the formation of Clackamas Community College in 1966, the same year Interstate 5 was completed.

    Fun Fact #2

    The college’s first location was Gladstone High School. Seven part-time instructors taught 93 students during the evening when the school was vacant.

    Fun Fact #3

    The Clackamas Print, the award-winning newspaper written and designed by CCC students, has been published since 1966.

    Fun Fact #4

    The Chuck Clemans Sculpture Garden, home of unique art pieces including a throne with tentacles, is named for a former Board of Education member.

    Fun Fact #5

    The average age of all CCC students in 2014-15 was 32 years old.

    Fun Fact #6

    The college’s first full-time faculty member was Jane Rickenbaugh in 1967. She retired in 2003 after 35 years of service to the college, but has continued to teach.

    Fun Fact #7

    The Clackamas Print, once known as the Cougar Print, has been providing news for and about the college since 1966.

    Fun Fact #8

    President Joanne Trusedell was hired in 2007, 25 years after she graduated from CCC.

    Fun Fact #9

    CCC educates about 37 percent of high school grads who live in our service district.

    Fun Fact #10

    The Clackamas Print, once known as the Cougar Print, has been providing news for and about the college since 1966.

    Fun Fact #11

    While the Dental Assisting program was waiting for the Harmony Campus to be built, dental assistant labs were held at a working clinic -- Comfort Care Dental, owed by Dr. Kenneth Chung.

    Fun Fact #12

    CCC’s wrestling team has won five National Championships since 2011.

    Fun Fact #13

    The first building constructed on the current Oregon City campus was Clairmont Hall built in 1969. Barlow opened in 1972, followed by McLoughlin and Randall halls in 1972.

    Fun Fact #14

    In 2009 when the unemployment rate of Oregon reached more than 10%, enrollment at Clackamas increased more than 20% as people sought new career paths.

    Fun Fact #15

    CCC’s Nursing program has been housed in Clarirmont, Barlow, DeJardin halls before finding its permanent home on the Harmony Community Campus in North Clackamas.

    Fun Fact #16

    A Clackamas alum, Lisa O'Dea (Martin), was a silver medalist at the Olympics in 1988 in the marathon. She is also a former World Record Holder in the event, however, the only school record she holds at Clackamas is the 400 hurdles.

    Fun Fact #17

    In May 1966, following four years of work by a grassroots citizens’ planning committee, 62 percent of the voters in the proposed district in Clackamas County supported the formation of the Clackamas Community College District.

    Fun Fact #18

    In fall of 1967, classes were moved to a modular building on Warner-Milne Road. The entire library was packed into two boxes and the all necessities for college operations were moved with one U-Haul truck in one day.

    Fun Fact #19

    The college’s cluster of science buildings completed in 1981 is called the Pauling Center, named for Dr. Linus Pauling, the only person to receive two unshared Nobel prizes. His wife was a native of Clackamas County.

    Fun Fact #20

    The Oregon City campus is 165 acres. The average class size is 23.

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