• Outdoor Sculpture Invitational

    50th Anniversary - Sculpture Hunt poster - 300x300

    CCC hosted a group exhibition of large-scale sculptural works that was on view at Clackamas Community College during spring term, through March 21-June 3. A guided tour of the sculptures was also provided during CCC’s 50th birthday party May 21.

    In addition, the performance troupe Pendulum will performed a 40-minute responsive piece to the sculptures.

    The invitational included the works of 19 regional artists, which was exhibited outdoors and explored a variety of mediums and ideas. The invitational and its reception were free and supported in part by the Art Center at CCC, and a grant from the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition and Clackamas County Arts Alliance.

    Download our sculpture walk map here. For more information, email Kate Simmons or call 503-594-3032.

  • View our sculpture gallery below!

    Thanks to a generous donor, Clackamas Community College will  purchase one of the art pieces from the Outdoor Sculpture Invitational to permanently adorn the campus in the Clemens Sculpture Garden. The community was asked to vote to help the selection committee narrow down their choices. The winner was the Vicki Lynn Wilson piece "Propagate." However, due to the fact that her work requires a site-specific location, the selection committee chose another top choice that best fit the college's needs and criteria.
    The selected piece is Ivan McLean's Sphere 102, currently located in the quad near Barlow Hall.
    Thank you to everyone who voted and to all those who came to see the sculptures during the 50th anniversary celebration.


    1. Untitled (David Raphael Andersen) 1) UntitledDavid Raphael Andersentrees
    2. Foot Prints 2) Foot PrintsJunko Iijimacast iron
    3. Strapped Huddle 3) Strapped HuddleJ.D. Perkinceramic
    4. What Goes On 4) What Goes On...Thomas Wassoncement and mixed media
    5. Clackamas Red Line 5) Clackamas Red LinePaul Sutinenwood & paint
    6. Burner 6) BurnerLee Imonenwood & steel
    7. Breaking Ground and Sharing Our Colors 7) Breaking Ground & Sharing Our ColorsNathan Oroscomixed media
    8. Three Seeds 8) Three SeedsKaty McFaddenceramic
    9. Gretta 9) GrettaKate Simmonscast bronze
    10. Sphere 102 10) Sphere 102Ivan McLeansteel
    11. Stakes 11) StakesJohn Larsenwood & cement
    12. Fish Mobile 12) Fish MobileRick Truecopper & steel
    13. Untitled (Maggie Heath) 13) UntitledMaggie Heathfiberglass
    14. Giovanna 14) GiovannaM.J. Andersonmarble
    15. Steel Head 15) Steel HeadBen Dyesteel & paint
    16. Propagate 16) PropagateVicki Lynn Wilsonmixed media
    17. Anna 17) AnnaJulian Voss Andreaestainless steel
    18. Calic 18) CalicMike Suristeel & hydrocal
    19. Nest 19) NestJesse Swickardsteel & paint
  • Fun Fact #1

    Voters said yes to the formation of Clackamas Community College in 1966, the same year Interstate 5 was completed.

    Fun Fact #2

    The college’s first location was Gladstone High School. Seven part-time instructors taught 93 students during the evening when the school was vacant.

    Fun Fact #3

    The Clackamas Print, the award-winning newspaper written and designed by CCC students, has been published since 1966.

    Fun Fact #4

    The Chuck Clemans Sculpture Garden, home of unique art pieces including a throne with tentacles, is named for a former Board of Education member.

    Fun Fact #5

    The average age of all CCC students in 2014-15 was 32 years old.

    Fun Fact #6

    The college’s first full-time faculty member was Jane Rickenbaugh in 1967. She retired in 2003 after 35 years of service to the college, but has continued to teach.

    Fun Fact #7

    The Clackamas Print, once known as the Cougar Print, has been providing news for and about the college since 1966.

    Fun Fact #8

    President Joanne Trusedell was hired in 2007, 25 years after she graduated from CCC.

    Fun Fact #9

    CCC educates about 37 percent of high school grads who live in our service district.

    Fun Fact #10

    The Clackamas Print, once known as the Cougar Print, has been providing news for and about the college since 1966.

    Fun Fact #11

    While the Dental Assisting program was waiting for the Harmony Campus to be built, dental assistant labs were held at a working clinic -- Comfort Care Dental, owed by Dr. Kenneth Chung.

    Fun Fact #12

    CCC’s wrestling team has won five National Championships since 2011.

    Fun Fact #13

    The first building constructed on the current Oregon City campus was Clairmont Hall built in 1969. Barlow opened in 1972, followed by McLoughlin and Randall halls in 1972.

    Fun Fact #14

    In 2009 when the unemployment rate of Oregon reached more than 10%, enrollment at Clackamas increased more than 20% as people sought new career paths.

    Fun Fact #15

    CCC’s Nursing program has been housed in Clarirmont, Barlow, DeJardin halls before finding its permanent home on the Harmony Community Campus in North Clackamas.

    Fun Fact #16

    A Clackamas alum, Lisa O'Dea (Martin), was a silver medalist at the Olympics in 1988 in the marathon. She is also a former World Record Holder in the event, however, the only school record she holds at Clackamas is the 400 hurdles.

    Fun Fact #17

    In May 1966, following four years of work by a grassroots citizens’ planning committee, 62 percent of the voters in the proposed district in Clackamas County supported the formation of the Clackamas Community College District.

    Fun Fact #18

    In fall of 1967, classes were moved to a modular building on Warner-Milne Road. The entire library was packed into two boxes and the all necessities for college operations were moved with one U-Haul truck in one day.

    Fun Fact #19

    The college’s cluster of science buildings completed in 1981 is called the Pauling Center, named for Dr. Linus Pauling, the only person to receive two unshared Nobel prizes. His wife was a native of Clackamas County.

    Fun Fact #20

    The Oregon City campus is 165 acres. The average class size is 23.

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    Clackamas Community College has been a beacon for people seeking a life of greater opportunity for 50 years. Tens of thousands of people have started their journey to increased earning potential at CCC. Finance remains the No. 1 barrier to entering college cited by parents and students. Many students are working one or more jobs and balancing family, community and personal commitments while coming to Clackamas Community College to reach their dreams of a brighter future. You can help.
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