• ACC Instructor Information

    Upcoming ACC Teacher Meeting Dates:


    Tuesday January 10th | 5-7 pm | Niemeyer N140

    Computer Science/Business Technology

    Tuesday January 17th | 4-6 pm | Community Center CC127

    Digital Multimedia Communications (DMC)

    Thursday January 19th | 4-6 pm | Community Center CC126


    Tuesday January 24th | 4-6 pm | Community Center CC127

    Fine Arts

    Thursday January 26th | 4-6 pm | Art Center AC108

     World Languages

    Thursday February 9th | 4-6 pm | Roger Rook Hall RR220


    Wednesday February 15th | 4-6 pm | Community Center CC127


    2016-17 Articulation Application Workshops

    If you are thinking about submitting your course for ACC articulation, but feel unsure about the process or overwhelmed with getting the materials pulled together? There are workshops available throughout the year to help you get started with the articulation process.

    Workshop 1

    Thursday, August 25th

    9:00 am - 12:00 noon

    Fall Apps due 9/15/16

    Workshop 2

    Thursday, October 20th

    12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

    Winter Apps due 11/18/16

    Workshop 3

    Tuesday, February 28th

    12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

    Spring Apps due 3/31/17

    Workshop 4

    Thursday, April 13th

    12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

    17-18 Apps due 5/19/17

    New Articulation Request Information

    Whether you are an existing instructor wanting to articulate a new course, or if you are a brand new instructor wishing to articulate for the first time, the ACC articulation approval process is virtually identical. Two courses are said to be "articulated" when the high school course has the same student learning outcomes, curriculum content and rigor of assessment as the college course. Course titles may differ between the high school college-level course and the articulated college course, but the course materials, content and instructional quality are consistent with (or "articulated" with) courses offered by the community college. Visit the online CCC Course Catalog for a complete listing of course descriptions and options available for articulation. College Course Outlines with important course information and Student Learning Outcomes are available for the course(s) you would like to pursue for alignment/articulation at the CCC Online Course Outline System as well.To be approved to articulate an ACC course, high school instructors must meet the same qualifications as a CCC instructor would. The minimum instructor qualification requirements  can be found here.

     If you think you may have a course(s) in mind and can meet instructor qualifications, the ACC program may be the perfect fit. However, being an approved ACC instructor comes with some responsibilities. Please see the ACC Instructor Roles and Responsibilities

    Process for establishing new ACC articulations:  

     In compliance with Oregon Dual Credit Standards, Clackamas Community College requires the following from high school teachers applying to grant college credit through the Advanced College Credit (ACC) Program:

    Course Information:

    • A Syllabus including CCC's student learning outcomes for course taught and all items on the ACC Syllabus Checklist.
    • Student placement criteria - What prerequisites are in place and what grade levels take the course.
    • Sample key assignments to support meeting the student learning outcomes - # of papers, research req'd. etc.
    • Attach a sample of your mid-term and final exams and/or projects/portfolios that will determine students have met course requirements.
    • Department Specific Requirements - See page 2 of the ACC Articulation Checklist for additional information needed for specific departments.

    Instructor Information:

    • A current resume - list any relevant training and life experience
    • Copies of official college transcripts (Bachelor's and Master's) - Copies of Originals are fine.
    • Lower Division Transfer Instructors typically need a Master's Degree in the subject area, or a Master's degree and 24-30 credit hours of related graduate level coursework. (Alternative options may apply)
    • Career-Technical Instructors typically need a Bachelor's Degree and Industry Experience in the field or documentation of specialized training or experience. Specialized training may include, but is not limited to, licensed apprenticeship programs, community college associate degree programs, and/or other professionally certified or licensed training. Instructors of professional/technical courses need an appropriate combination of education and experience for the course being taught.
    • Department Specific Requirements - See page 2 of the ACC Articulation Checklist for additional information needed for specific departments.

     Submit by email each of the forms/documents to accinfo@clackamas.edu.

     Once completed and submitted, the ACC Coordinator will meet with the appropriate department to conduct a review of curriculum and credential materials and  will notify instructor of department decision.
     If Approved, the ACC Coordinator will follow up with an electronic articulation agreement for signatures.





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