• A Snapshot of the Accreditation  Cycle and Timeframe

    The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities' (NWCCU) accreditation process uses a seven year cycle of self-study and peer evaluation..


    Year Primary Focus
    1 Standard One: Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations. 2010-2011 with Fall 2011 Report.

    Year One Self-Evaluation Report (Standard One) No visit; Evaluator Panel Reviews Standard One; Peer Evaluation Report forwarded to college and Board.

    2 Standard Two: Resources and Capacity 2011-2012, with Fall 2012 Report and Visit. Year Three Self-Evaluation Report (Update Standard One; Add Standard Two)  Committee Visit To Review Standards One and Two; Peer Evaluation Report forwarded to college and Board.
    3 Standard Three: Planning and Implementation; Standard Four: Effectiveness and Improvement; Standard Five: Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, and Sustainability. 2012-2013 Ongoing through 2015-2016. Year Seven Self-Evaluation Report (Update Standards One and Two, Add Standards Three, Four and Five) Committee Visit to Review Standards Three, Four and Five.