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    During 2014-15, Clackamas Community College gathered evidence to assess the extent to which we have been meeting our college mission. We also gathered information from across the campus to help us understand the challenges and successes associated with achieving our core educational objectives. These data were used to assess our mission fulfillment status as well as to identify continuous improvement targets.

    The College defines an acceptable level of mission fulfillment as achievement of 70% of the objectives at a level of 3 (green, at or above target) or 4 (blue, at or above aspirational goal) for each of the four core themes. This level of achievement defines what is acceptable while encouraging continuous improvement in all areas, a premise that is important to the College and its Board. We recognize that mission fulfillment requires us to continually assess, adapt and improve. CCC set aspirational targets at each turn, the consequence of which is self-imposed lower scores. Yet, importantly, these aspirational targets are truly reflective of not simply acceptable performance for one reason or another, but desirable performance based on our commitment to excelling at serving our students and community. The result of this process was:

    Mission Fulfilled: CCC has an acceptable level of mission fulfillment at this time, with each of the four core themes having a score that exceeds 70 percent. Examining each of the core theme objectives, reveals areas that need attention if the College is to continue to have an acceptable level of mission fulfillment.

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    Mission Fulfillment - Mission Fulfilled.

    Core Themes:

    Academic Transfer Mission Fulfillment

    Career and Technical Education Mission Fulfillment

    Essential Skills Mission Fulfillment

    Lifelong Learning Mission Fulfillment

    For more information on any of our programs or the success of our students, please contact our Advising Department at 503-594-3475 or advising@clackamas.edu

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