• Final Accreditation Documents

    The following are Clackamas Community College's official final self-study reports and the peer evaluation team's response for the accreditation cycle of 2010-2015. Questions about the content of these reports can be addressed to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services at 503-594-3020. Past accreditation reports are also available through this office.

    Accreditation Cycle

    Self-Evaluation Report

    Feedback from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities' Peer Evaluation Team

    Year One CCC Year One Self-Study Report  Year One Peer Evaluation Report
    Year Two Ongoing Work on Standards 1 - 2  
    Year Three CCC Year Three Self-Study Report  Year Three Peer Evaluation Report
    Year Four Ongoing Work on Standards 1 - 5  
    Year Five CCC Year Seven Self-Study Report  (updated March, 2016 for spring visit) (To open this report, use Chrome or Internet Explorer, not Mozilla/Firefox.)

    Year Seven Peer Evaluation Report  

    Note: Normally a seven year cycle, CCC, along with other colleges in the Northwest, has been asked to transition into the new accreditation process using a five year cycle versus seven. Our next time through will be on the seven year cycle of review.