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    Communications can help you be successful in a variety of careers

    communication_studies_at_CCCDid you know that a degree in communication is among the top 10 most popular majors in the U.S.? Why is that?

    First, if you ask any employer what key characteristics they look for in a successful employee, excellent communication skills will top their list. In one survey, 98% of employers "consider communication skills to be essential" (US News and World Report; May 15, 2012). Anyone seeking to advance their career in any field needs to have "soft skills" or people skills that allow them to communicate clearly and solve problems effectively. Our goal is to give students the communication skills they need to improve their professional and personal relationships. We offer a variety of courses that bring theory into practice, helping students become more confident presenters, more effective leaders, and more understanding listeners.

    Second, communication is a highly flexible degree that appeals to a wide variety of interests, combining the creativity of the Humanities with the behavioral research of the Social Sciences. Not only is it a fascinating area of study, you can learn practical life skills that will enhance any employment path you choose. A Communication Studies degree can prepare you to adapt to multiple career options, as the abilities we teach play key roles in almost every field. Communication majors go on to work in advertising, public relations, journalism, education, health and human services, law, and government, to name just a few!

    Finally, students who earn a B.A. in communication studies command competitive starting salaries. Recently, Forbes magazine reported that the average starting wage jumped 10% in the last year to between $48,000 and $53,000 annually, more than any other discipline in the previous year. ( Forbes  September 4, 2014). 

    These are just a few reasons to consider communication for your major and of course, our classes are full of students seeking a variety of degrees. Whether you take one class or several with us, our number one goal is give you the tools you need to succeed. Come explore the fascinating field of communication with us! We welcome any questions and would love to talk to you!

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