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  • Energy Resource Management (ERM)

    ERM-100 : Introduction to Utility Industry and Career Options

    [ Fall Term | 3 - credits ]

    Through research, students will discover and report on career options in the energy and utility resource industries. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-121 with a C or better. Corequisites: ERM-107, ERM-109. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-101 : History of the Energy Industry in the Pacific Northwest

    [ Winter Term | 3 - credits ]

    Examine the history, development and segmentation of the energy industry in the Northwest. Research and report on the effects of regional policies and how they affect specific segments of the energy industry. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-100 with a C or better. Corequisite: ERM-102. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-102 : Electricity Fundamentals in the Utility Industry

    [ Winter Term | 3 - credits ]

    Focus on generation sources of electricity, transmission and final delivery to the consumer. Examine basic principles of alternating and direct current as it affects electrical flow. Research and report on strategies/components of the electrical industry. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-100 with a C or better. Corequisite: ERM-101. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-103 : Fossil Fuels in the Utility Industry

    [ Spring Term | 3 - credits ]

    Examine various methods for generating electricity and power distribution throughout the Northwest. Coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, diesel powered plants, and the path to emerging technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal and wave energy resources. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-101 and ERM-102 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-107 : Career Portfolio

    [ Fall Term | 4 - credits ]

    Develop and customize a professional portfolio to record the application of knowledge and skills which may relate to students targeted career field. Portfolio consists of resume, reference letters, work samples, narrative, and certifications. Prerequisites: Pass ERM-121 with a C or better, or instructor consent. Corequisites: ERM-100, ERM-109, or instructor consent. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-109 : Career Interview Strategies

    [ Fall Term | 1 - credits ]

    Explore various career options and pathways and develop industry contacts. Practice interviewing skills and techniques. Prerequisites: Pass ERM-121 with a C or better. Corequisites: ERM-100 and ERM-107. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-110 : OSHA 10 Training

    [ Fall Term | 1 - credits ]

    Discover principles and concepts that govern safe work practices in the utility industry. Focus is on safety awareness and application of safe working habits. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-111 : Flagging-Work Zone Protection

    [ Fall Term | 1 - credits ]

    The primary function of temporary traffic control is to provide safe and efficient movement of road users through or around work zones while protecting workers and emergency response personnel. Flagger training requires a course of instruction in the following topics: Fundamental Principles, The Four Parts of Temporary Traffic Control Zones, Main Traffic Control Devices, Location/Spacing of Devices and Flagging Principles. Students must be 18 or older to register. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-121 : Orientation to the Utility Industry

    [ SUFSP | 1 - credits ]

    Designed to help students develop an understanding of basic electricity and utility systems; from electromagnetism, generation, transmission, distribution and its use in the home and work place. This class is for students with little or no previous knowledge of electricity. It covers basic electricity fundamentals in a fun, non-technical way, incorporating group processes, hand-on activities, and problem solving exercises, videos and slides. Prerequisites: Pass RD-090 with a C or better or placement in RD-115; pass MTH-060 with a C or better or placement in MTH-065; pass WR-095 with a C or better or placement in WR-121, and pass CS-090 with a C or better or placement in CS-120. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-160 : Utility Industry Health Awareness

    [ Fall Term | 3 - credits ]

    Discover principles and concepts that govern health related environmental conditions in a workplace setting in the utility industry. Create systems for change specific to health related workplace conditions. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-121 with a C or better. Corequisites: ERM-100, ERM-107, and ERM-109. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-161 : Utility Industry Safety Development

    [ Fall Term | 4 - credits ]

    Explore diverse applications of safety and performance in the workplace. Personal safety, work zone protection, dealing with chemicals and use of MSD sheets, vehicle inspection and safety, competent work practices that ensure both safety on the job and proven work performance. Prerequisites: Pass ERM-160 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-162 : Groundworker Training

    [ Winter Term | 3 - credits ]

    Prepares the student for basic Groundman responsibilities. This course provides the training, field competency, and documentation to become qualified to assume duties of a bid Groundworker. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-161 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-163 : Initial Pole Climbing

    [ Winter Term | 4 - credits ]

    The focus is on safety, proper equipment and various job functions. The students will practice and perform pole top rescue and test out doing different performances on the pole at four, ten, sixteen, thirty, & forty feet. All climbing is done in full fall restraint at all times. Prerequisites: Pass ERM-162 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-201 : Energy Applications: Renewable Energy Resources

    [ Fall Term | 4 - credits ]

    Access and interpret the current and potential applications of renewable energy resources throughout the energy and resource industries. This includes renewable energy impacts on generation, transmission, distribution, transportation, and end-use in buildings (homes, office and manufacturing process). The perspectives covered include energy policy (politics), economics (cost/benefitg) and technology (physical potential/limits.) Prerequisite: Pass ERM-103 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-202 : Energy Applications II: Leadership

    [ Winter Term | 4 - credits ]

    Explore the concepts of leadership and management for energy industry segments of generation, transmission, and distribution operations. Develop an understanding of management and leadership strategies to expand application and resources to deal with the major issues facing energy and resource industries. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-201 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-203 : Energy Applications III: Energy Issues

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    Energy seminar: each student will develop an individual course plan (approved by the instructor) to survey and do original research and interviews, and report on a selected current energy application. The report and verbal presentation is the capstoen of knowledge and skills covered by the ERM series (100 through 200 levels) and will be communicated in a written report (peer reviewed), as well as a formal student presentation to a panel of industory and academic experts. Reports and presentation may define internship projects. Prerequisite: Pass ERM-202 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent.

    ERM-280 : Energy & Utility Resource Management/ CWE

    [ Spring Term | 3 - credits ]

    Cooperative work experience. Emphasis on work-based learning experience in the utility industry. Coordination of instruction and evaluation of student job performance will be provided by college faculty in conjunction with the student's employer/supervisor. Prerequisites: Pass ERM-107 and ERM-109 with a C or better. Required: Instructor consent and a CWE seminar.

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