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    WR-123: English Composition

    [ Not Offered Every Year | 3 - credits ]

    Writing the longer academic research paper: format and style, advanced research techniques, and organizational skills.

    WR-127: Scholarship Essay Writing

    [ FA/WI | 1 - credits ]

    Introduces scholarship resources and the application process. Examines and applies the concept of 'telling the story of me,' and drafting, revising, and editing a complete scholarship application essay.

    WR-140: Introduction to Writing Creatively

    [ SU/FA | 4 - credits ]

    Guides students through the discussion and practice of writing creatively in many genres, primarily poetry, fiction, drama, and creative nonfiction in a workshop format. May also include screenwriting, film, and performance genres.

    WR-148: Self-Publishing: Design and Layout

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    This course will offer a hands-on approach to using book design software. The goal of this class is to introduce students to design, layout, and marketing techniques that will enable them to publish their own material.

    WR-149: Introduction to Blogging

    [ Spring Term | 1 - credits ]

    In this course students will create and manage blogs of various content and purpose, exploring a variety of platforms and writing for diverse audiences.

    WR-200: Writing About Literature

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    Focuses on exploring various forms of literature with an emphasis on developing critical strategies for responding to readins both on an academic and creative level. Through a consideration of the writer's work and purpose, we will explore ways of joining the conversation about literature, of examining and refining methods of response through reading, discussion, and writing.

    WR-220: Creative Writing: Comics

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    Designed for students with previous writing experience who wish to learn the techniques of scriptwriting for comics, graphic novels and/or narrative sequential art.

    WR-222: English Composition

    [ WI/SP | 4 - credits ]

    Writing university-level research papers and pursuing lifelong learning through advanced research, culminating in an original research paper and class presentation of findings.

    WR-240: Introduction to Creative Writing: Nonfiction

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    Techniques of writing and analyzing types of creative nonfiction such as literary journalism, memoirs, nature or science writing and personal essays.

    WR-241: Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction

    [ FA/WI | 4 - credits ]

    Introduction to the theory, art and creative practice of fiction writing, with specific emphasis on short prose forms.

    WR-242: Creative Writing: Poetry

    [ Winter Term | 4 - credits ]

    Techniques of poetry writing. Analysis of the craft of poetry in traditional and non-traditional forms.

    WR-243: Creative Writing: Playwriting

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 4 - credits ]

    Designed for students with previous writing experience who wish to learn the technique of playwriting, including the art of dialogue and the elements of dramatic structure.

    WR-244: Advanced Fiction Writing

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    For students with previous writing experience who wish to learn advanced techniques of writing fiction.

    WR-245: Advanced Poetry Writing

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    For students with writing experience who wish to learn advanced techniques of writing poetry, including developing voice and style and exploring publishing.

    WR-246: Editing and Publishing

    [ WI/SP | 4 - credits ]

    For students with an interest in creative writing and/or literary journal design, layout, and publication who wish to develop editing and publishing skills. Includes the production of a literary journal.

    WR-247: Advanced Playwriting

    [ Not Offered Every Year | 4 - credits ]

    This course will continue to cover the narrative and dramatic techniques begun in Introduction to Playwriting. Students will create and workshop a one-act play, and explore avenues for future production.

    WR-248: Bookmaking: Design and Layout

    [ FA/WI | 4 - credits ]

    This course covers the design and layout process to produce and publish manuscripts in book form. It includes basic design theory and the step-by-step process for laying out a manuscript using professional design software. Students will also learn how to submit publishable files for print-on-demand.

    WR-250: Book Promotion

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    The purpose of this course is to understand the role of marketing in book publishing, and to develop the necessary skills to create promotional materials including marketing plans, tip sheets, press releases, and collateral.

    WR-262: Introduction to Screenwriting

    [ Fall Term | 4 - credits ]

    Explores the fundamentals of screenplay composition through the use of various writing exercises and workshop techniques. Discussion of dramatic structure and the elements of good storytelling.

    WR-263: Advanced Screenwriting

    [ Not Offered Every Year | 4 - credits ]

    An expansion of fundamental skills initiated in the introductory course. Students will construct a feature-length screenplay, further develop their critical response skills through peer editing and review, and seek out options for production of their work. Can be repeated for up to 4 credits.

    WR-265: Digital Storytelling

    [ Winter Term | 4 - credits ]

    Digital Storytelling is a contemporary expression of the ancient art of storytelling. In this class students will write and create unique digital first person narratives using cloud-based editing tools, photographic and film images, music, and voice. Students will further become active participants in both local and global communities of storytellers.

    WR-268: Nature Writing

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    Explores topics having to do with nature and the environment. Using a workshop format, students will develop the technique of nature writing, focusing on literary journalism, memoir, personal essay, and poetry.

    WR-270: Food Writing

    [ Fall Term | 4 - credits ]

    Learn to write uniquely and powerfully about food, from reviews to memoir and personal narrative.

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