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  • Fire Protection Technology (FRP)

    FRP-101 : Basic Forest Management

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 3 - credits ]

    A basic introduction to Oregon forestland management functions, tools, and processes related to forest stewardship. Students will gain knowledge of current forest management activities and practices, as well as current forest policy and harvest laws.

    FRP-102 : Basic Forest Management Lab

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    Provides through lab exercises in a forest setting experience in using forest management field equipment discussed in FRP-101; includes use of diameter tape, loggers tape, compass, clinometer, increment borer and wedge prism to measure tree height, diameter, tree age, diameter increment and basal area; and use of fixed plot and variable plot forest sampling methods to gather data necessary to calculate stocking, volume and growth. Corequisite: FRP-101.

    FRP-107 : Wildland Fire Career Portfolio

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 3 - credits ]

    Create a job-marketing tool that integrates knowledge and skills related to the wildland fire industry. Portfolio consists of resume, reference letters, work samples and other content to be updated according to need and opportunity. Meets the cooperative work experience seminar requirement.

    FRP-110 : Basic Wildland Fire Investigation (FI-110)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    NWCG FI-110 certified. Wildland Fire Observations and Origin Scene Protection for First Responders. Introductory course for personnel first arriving at a wildland fire scene on the basics of wildland fire cause determination.

    FRP-130 : Introduction to Wildland Firefighting (S-130/S-190)

    [ Fall, Winter, Spring Terms | 3 - credits ]

    NWCG S-130 and S-190 certified. Introduces students to wildland fire behavior and the skills necessary to fight wildland fires under close supervision. No firefighting experience required.

    FRP-131 : Advanced Firefighter Training (S-131)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    NWCG S-131 and S-133 certified. For firefighters who wish to become qualified in the first level of supervision, Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss, being a first responder to initial fire attack. As a portion of this course, S-133(Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around) material is covered. Prerequisite: Pass FRP-130 (S-130).

    FRP-180 : Wildland Fire/CWE

    [ All Terms | 2 - 6 credits ]

    Work-based learning experience in a wildland firefighting capacity meeting requirements as set forth in the wildland firefighting task book. Current enrollment in or successful completion of FRP-107. Prerequisite: Pass FRP-130. Required: Instructor consent.

    FRP-200 : Basic Incident Command System (I-200)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    NWCG I-200 certified. Introduces the student to principles associated with the Incident Command System (ICS) covering organization, facilities, resource terminology and common responsibilities associated with incident assignments.

    FRP-201 : Advanced Forest Management

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 3 - credits ]

    Discuss and explore forest management concepts and principles through classroom lecture and field trips including forest policy development and the current federal and state laws; forest ecosystem management principles and activities; wildlife, watershed and recreation values and conflicts; and compare forest management on federal, state and private lands. Prerequisites: FRP-101, FRP-102.

    FRP-205 : Forest Management Assessments & Inventories

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 3 - credits ]

    Provide forest technicians, seasonal wildland firefighters and other natural resource seasonal employees exposure to, understanding of, and the ability to conduct various forest management and recreation management assessments and inventories that are routinely done to gather data for making management decisions; provide training in these areas that would broaden employment opportunities for seasonal employees during periods of low fire activity or during the off-season periods of the year. Prerequisite: FRP-101, FRP-102. Recommended: FRP-201.

    FRP-211 : Portable Pumps & Water Use (S-211)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    NWCG S-211 certified. Practical use and maintenance of portable pumps and accessories used in wildland fire suppression.

    FRP-212 : Wildfire Power Saws (S-212)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    NWCG S-212 certified. Learn techniques and mechanics of power saws that meet the functional requirements of a power saw operator on a wildland fire incident.

    FRP-216 : Driving for the Fire Service (S-216)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    NWCG S-216 certified. Knowledge and skills required of drivers to safely and efficiently operate fire vehicles in the fire environment.

    FRP-220 : Initial Attack Incident Commander (S-200)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    NWCG S-200 certified (ITC4). Provides individuals in charge of the initial attack of small, non-complex fires the training needed for readiness, mobilization, size-up the fire; and the administrative requirements that must be completed by the incident commander.

    FRP-230 : Crew Boss (Single Resource) (S-230)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    NWCG S-230 certified. Meets the training needs of a single resource boss on a wildland fire incident. Prerequisite: Qualify as FFT1.

    FRP-231 : Engine Boss (Single Resource) (S-231)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    NWCG S-231 certified. Develop proficiency in the performance of all duties associated with the single resource engine boss. Prerequisites: Pass FRP-230 (S-230).

    FRP-243 : Survivor I: Maps, Compass, GPS

    [ Fall, Winter, Spring Terms | 1 - 2 credits ]

    Use maps, compass, grid locations, land descriptions, topography, distance, directions, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

    FRP-244 : Survivor II: Wilderness

    [ Fall, Winter, Spring Terms | 1 - 2 credits ]

    Be prepared to survive in the wilderness: the psychology of surviving and what to do when things go wrong. The USAF Search & Rescue Survival Manual is the text.

    FRP-245 : Survivor Iii: Weather of the NW

    [ Fall, Winter, Spring Terms | 1 - 3 credits ]

    Designed for the wildland firefighter, mariner, hiker, hunter and others who need to know the basics of weather forecasting.

    FRP-246 : Survivor IV: Wilderness First Aid

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    Covers back country first aid and evacuation techniques in a wilderness setting.

    FRP-247 : Survivor V: Dangerous Animals

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    Focuses on Northwest animals' and insects' habits, habitats, how to prevent and avoid conflict with them and what to do if you're attacked. First-hand accounts, stories, CDC statistics and recommendations will be included.

    FRP-248 : Survivor VI: Introduction Search and Rescue

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    Familiarize students with all aspects of Search and Rescue at the beginning level including search philosophy, tactics, operations and behavior of the lost person.

    FRP-249 : Leadership for Firefighters (L-280)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    NWCG L-280 certified. Develop an awareness of the human factors on the fire line, self-assess skills and abilities, and practice problem solving events in small teams. Prerequisite: Pass FRP-130 (S-130).

    FRP-259 : Task Force/Strike Team Leader (S-330)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    NWCG S-330 certified. Learn to recognize, plan and implement appropriate tactics in various incident situations with various resources and identify hazards and risks and mitigate them. Prerequisites: Pass FRP-230 (S-230).

    FRP-270 : Basic Air Operations (S-270)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 1 - credits ]

    NWCG S-270 certified. A survey of the use of aircraft in fire suppression and how to conduct yourself in and around aircraft.

    FRP-280 : Wildland Fire/Advanced CWE

    [ All Terms | 2 - 6 credits ]

    Work-based learning experience in a wildland firefighting capacity meeting requirements as set forth in the wildland firefighting task book. Prerequisites: Pass FRP-180 and FRP-131. Required: Instructor consent.

    FRP-290 : Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior (S-290)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 3 - credits ]

    NWCG S-290 certified. Study of weather and environmental factors and how these factors affect wildland fires. Prerequisite: Pass FRP-130 (S-130/S-190).

    FRP-294 : Intermediate Incident Command System (I-300)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    NWCG I-300 certified. This course provides description and detail of the Incident Command System (ICS) organization in supervisory roles on expanding or Type 3 incidents. NIMS compliant.

    FRP-295 : Advanced Incident Command System (I-400)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 2 - credits ]

    NWCG I-400 certified. Directs the student towards an operational understanding of large single-agency and complex multi-agency/ multi-jurisdictional responses. Prerequisite: Pass FRP-294 (I-300).

    FRP-296 : Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations (S-390)

    [ Not Offered Every Term | 3 - credits ]

    NWCG S-390 certified. Introduces fire behavior calculations by manual methods, using nomograms and the Fire Behavior Handbook Appendix B. Prerequisite: Pass FRP-290 (S-290).

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