• Clinical Laboratory Assistant

    The deadline for submission of the 2015-16 Clinical Laboratory Program application is 5pm on May 22, 2015.  

    2015-16 Clinical Lab Assistant Application

    Clinical laboratory assistants serve a diverse ancillary role assisting other laboratory personnel, physicians and patients. Their duties may include data entry, laboratory billing practices, and the performance of testing according to standard operating procedures. Students are trained in all aspects of the medical laboratory support personnel, including phlebotomy, specimen processing, quality control, laboratory orientation, and regulation. Students will participate in unpaid, supervised externships in ambulatory or acute care laboratory settings.

    CLA Mission Statement
    To provide the medical laboratory community with high quality, skilled entry level laboratory assistants who will serve as phlebotomists, specimen processors and in other capacities as designated by the workplace. In addition, the program is designed to be the beginning of career advancement in laboratory and other health science occupations.

    The CCC Clinical Laboratory Assistant (CLA) program is approved through the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS) 5600 N. River Rd. Suite 720, Rosemont Il. 60018. Phone: 773-714-8880 Website: http://www.naacls.org

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                      Clinical Laboratory Assistant Program
                                Essential Functions



    Program Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the American Society of Clinical Pathologists Board of Certification phlebotomy examination (ASCP-BOC) PBT or the American Medical Technologist (AMT) Registered Phlebotomy Exam (AMT) RPT and the American Medical Technologist (AMT) Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (AMT) CMLA examination and will be qualified for entry level employ­ment as a clinical lab assistant/phlebotomist.

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  • Clinical Lab Assistant (CLA)

    CLA-100: Introduction to Health Care

    [ Fall Term | 2 - credits ]

    An overview and introduction to healthcare systems and career trends, ethical and legal responsibilities, personal and workplace safety, infection control, professionalism, life-long learning, and effective communication.

    CLA-101: Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills I

    [ Fall Term | 4 - credits ]

    Presents the student with a general overview of a clinical laboratory, including state and federal regulations, quality assurance practices, laboratory terminology, laboratory staffing and a basic understanding of quality laboratory testing. The majority of the competencies required in the Core Module of NAACLS's Clinic Assistant Program will be covered. Required: Student must be enrolled in current CLA cohort or instructor consent.

    CLA-102: Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills II

    [ Winter Term | 4 - credits ]

    Addresses hematology and urinalysis theory within assistant level scope of practice. Correct specimen collection will be emphasized. Students will be required to perform various waived tests and demonstrate an understanding of the necessity of accuracy and attention to detail. Students will demonstrate the use of controls, standards and laboratory protocols. Required: Instructor consent. Prerequisite: Pass CLA-101.

    CLA-103: Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills III

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    Continuation of CLA-101 and CLA-102 with emphasis on Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry and Serology/Immunology. The Clinial Laboratory Assistant Scope of Practice and Professionalism at the workplace will be discussed in detail. Required: Enrollment in the CLA program, instructor consent. Prerequisite: Pass CLA-102.

    CLA-115: Laboratory Administrative Skills

    [ Winter Term | 2 - credits ]

    Designed for the clinical laboratory assistant employed in a physician's laboratory, instructing them in laboratory coding, billing practices, and other administrative duties, with emphasis on patient test management and professionalism. EKG techniques will be included as welll as other back office skills, as required by NAACLS. Required: Instructor consent.

    CLA-118: Phlebotomy for Clinical Laboratory Assistants

    [ Spring Term | 2 - credits ]

    Designed for the Clinical Laboratory Assistant student to instill a broad understanding of blood/serum collection and specimen handling techniques used in ambulatory and medical center laboratories and to prepare students to perform these tasks effectively and safely in the workplace. Universal and standard precautions will be stressed. The students will collect blood samples on their lab partners throughout the term. Required: Students must be admitted into the current CLA cohort, or instructor consent.

    CLA-119: Phlebotomy/Laboratory/Practicum I

    [ Winter Term | 3 - credits ]

    Supervised unpaid assignment to area medical center laboratories to gain practical experience. Required: Instructor consent.

    CLA-120: Phlebotomy/Laboratory/Practicum II

    [ Spring Term | 4 - credits ]

    Students will participate in a supervised, unpaid assignment, known as a clinical practicum, in area medical center laboratories to gain practical experience. A weekly seminar accompanies this course. Required: Enrolled in current CLA cohort or instructor consent. Prerequisite: Pass CLA-119.

    CLA-125: Introduction to Clinical Research

    [ Spring Term | 2 - credits ]

    Overview of research as applied through clinical studies. Participants will learn elements of proper research techniques as conducted under the supervision of a physician or Ph.D. Required: Must be enrolled in current CLA cohort or instructor consent.

    CLA-130: Specimen Collection

    [ Spring Term | 1 - credits ]

    Designed to qualify students to perform drug testing collections under U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)regulations. The final examination will include a demonstration of collection proficiency. Specimen management, adulteration and quality assessment will be addressed. Required: Students must be enrolled in current CLA cohort, or instructor consent.

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