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    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Dental Assistant?
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    The CCC Department of Health Sciences is offering potential applicants to our Dental Assistant (DA) certificate program the opportunity to participate in dental assisting hands-on activities at the Harmony Campus!

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     The Dental Assistant Program is now accepting a second round of applications for
    the 2017-18 program year. 

    2017-18 Dental Assistant Second Round Application


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  • Dental Assistant (DA)

    DA-101: Dental Radiology I

    [ Fall Term | 2 - credits ]

    Introduction to history and principles of dental radiology, terminology, and basic physics associated with x-rays, biological effects of x-rays, anatomical landmarks and infection control.

    DA-101L: Dental Radiology I Lab

    [ Fall Term | 1 - credits ]

    Practical instruction in radiation health and safety, types of film, film holders, processing and mounting of dental films, use of x-ray equipment, infection control techniques, disposal of hazardous waste, and exposure techniques on x-ray manikins.

    DA-102: Dental Radiology II

    [ Winter Term | 2 - credits ]

    Alternative radiographic techniques are discussed as students develop their knowledge in the following areas: bisecting, extra-oral radiography, techniques for children, and patients with special needs. This course provides an in-depth study of the purpose and uses of panoramic imaging, digital imaging, three-dimensional digital imaging, and occlusal examinations. Identification of radiographic interpretation and infection control procedures will also be covered.

    DA-102L: Dental Radiology II Lab

    [ Winter Term | 1 - credits ]

    Knowledge and skills in alternative radiographic techniques are taught as students demonstrate exposure techniques and corrective measures of various alternative radiographic techniques. Students meeting radiographic proficiency on the x-ray mannequin prepare for the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) proficiency exam. Candidates for the RHS proficiency exam will follow all RHS, Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) and Oregon examination requirements in preparation of patient radiographs.

    DA-104: Clinical Procedures I

    [ Fall Term | 2 - credits ]

    Discussion in the practice of patient care including the collection of patient medical and dental histories and maintenance of accurate treatment records. Explores the history of dentistry, dental ethics and law. The dental healthcare team, dental office design and the dental profession will also be discussed.

    DA-104L: Clinical Procedures I Lab

    [ Fall Term | 1 - credits ]

    Prepares the student for basic chairside assisting and general procedures. Application of essential skills in seating and dismissing patients, ergonomics, instrument transfers, oral evacuation, taking and recording vital signs, and infection control are taught and practiced in a dental laboratory setting.

    DA-105: Clinical Procedures II

    [ Winter Term | 2 - credits ]

    A foundational course in preventive dentistry. Examines the study of preventive education, oral hygiene instruction, nutrition, fluoride agents, coronal polishing and sealants. The continuation of oral evacuation and isolation techniques will also be covered.

    DA-105L: Clinical Procedures II Lab

    [ Winter Term | 1 - credits ]

    Furthers the development of chairside skills and introduces the application of preventive procedures such as coronal polishing, fluoride treatment and oral hygiene instruction. Basic knowledge in the application of dental sealants is also taught. Lab skills such as the placement and removal of matrix retainers and rubber dams are taught to provide preparation for chairside dental assisting functions. Aseptic procedures are practiced during all lab skills.

    DA-106: Clinical Procedures III

    [ Spring Term | 2 - credits ]

    This course provides an in-depth knowledge of dental specialties. Advanced and expanded dental assisting functions, tray set-ups and procedures in endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics and pedodontics are covered. Principles and procedures for amalgam and composite polishing will also be covered.

    DA-106L: Clinical Procedures III Lab

    [ Spring Term | 1 - credits ]

    Advanced and Expanded dental assisting procedures in dental specialties are taught. Tray set-up, dental materials and specific specialty procedures will be covered in the following dental specialties: orthodontic, periodontics, oral surgery and endodontics. Laboratory instruction in amalgam and composite polishing will be taught on dental mannequins.

    DA-107: Dental Materials I

    [ Fall Term | 2 - credits ]

    This course is an in-depth level of instruction in the composition and manipulation of dental restorative materials, and dental cements. Examination of general dentistry and chairside assisting with direct permanent restorations such as amalgam and composite will also be covered.

    DA-107L: Dental Materials I Lab

    [ Fall Term | 1 - credits ]

    Application of the essential skills necessary in assisting with amalgam and composite restorations. Covers tray-set-ups, pre and post-operative instructions, instrument transfer, and oral evacuation with amalgam and composite procedures. The identification and application of dental cements used in general dentistry will also be covered. Includes manipulation, storage and disposal of hazardous dental materials and cements.

    DA-108: Dental Materials II

    [ Winter Term | 2 - credits ]

    An in-depth knowledge of the properties, uses and manipulation of impression materials, gypsum products and waxes will be covered. Foundational knowledge will prepare students for the fabrication of custom trays, bleaching trays, study casts and provisional restorations. Includes knowledge of fixed and removable prosthodontic procedures and rational for polishing removable appliances. An overview of dental implants will also be covered.

    DA-108L: Dental Materials II Lab

    [ Winter Term | 1 - credits ]

    Essential skills in the manipulation and application of dental impression materials, gypsum products and waxes will be covered. Through knowledge of laboratory skills in the fabrication of custom trays, bleaching trays, study casts and provisional restorations will be taught. The instrumentation and procedures for fixed and removable prosthodontics will also be covered.

    DA-110: Clinical Practicum I

    [ Fall Term | 1 - credits ]

    Clinical practicum begins in the seventh week of class. Students begin to apply basic dental assisting procedures taught in weeks one through six. All OSHA and HAZ-COM protocols are followed to allow for student and patient safety and protection. A minimum of eight supervised unpaid hours per week is required for term one practicum. Students will participate in two seminars held during the term.

    DA-115: Dental Science

    [ Fall Term | 2 - credits ]

    Introduction and general study of anatomy, physiology, and oral pathology. An in-depth level course of study in oral anatomy, histology and embryology will also be covered.

    DA-120: Clinical Practicum II

    [ Winter Term | 5 - credits ]

    Supervised unpaid practice and improvement of clinical skills taught in clinical procedures, dental materials and radiology. Covers advanced Expanded Functions Dental Assisting (EFDA) skills. Implement infection control protocols. Introduce basic business office procedures. Ten hours of community service will be required. Participate in three seminars during the term.

    DA-125: Dental Infection Control

    [ Fall Term | 2 - credits ]

    Introduction and general study of microbiology, major groups of microorganisms, viral and bacterial diseases. Disease transmission, infection prevention, disinfection and instrument processing techniques will also be covered. An in-depth level of the Bloodborne pathogens standards and Hazard Communication will be taught and integrated throughout the didactic, preclinical, laboratory and clinical course of study.

    DA-130: Clinical Practicum III

    [ Spring Term | 8 - credits ]

    Clinical practicum hours are increased to allow for advancement and completion of clinical competencies. Supervised unpaid practice and improvement of advanced clinical skills in all areas of chairside dental assisting, laboratory procedures, specialties, radiology and Expanded Functions Dental Assisting (EFDA) procedures. Students report to their assigned site three days a week, at a minimum of twenty-four hours per week, for eleven weeks. Clinical competency skills in business office procedures will also be completed in this term (minimum of forty-four hours). Students will be responsible to meet ten hours of community service. Students will also participate in three seminars during the term. Radiological proficiency examination will be administered in the first two weeks of this course.

    DA-135: Pharmacology/Medical Emergencies

    [ Spring Term | 2 - credits ]

    Introduction to pharmacology, common drugs used in dentistry, drug agencies, regulations, and drug actions. The properties of anesthetic, topical anesthetics, and desensitizing agents will also be covered. An in-depth level knowledge of the identification, response and management of medical and dental emergencies in the dental office will be taught utilizing educational manikin simulators.

    DA-145: Dental Office Procedures

    [ Spring Term | 2 - credits ]

    Prepares the student for basic knowledge of dental office procedures. Introduction of dental software, management of patient information, maintenance and retention of business records, inventory and recall systems. Examines business ethics and jurisprudence. Written and oral communication are taught to prepare students for employment opportunities.

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