• Horticulture Questions & Answers

    May I begin taking Horticulture classes any term?
    May I enroll as a part-time student?
    Many of our students begin as part-time students. Contact the Horticulture Advisor, Renee Harber by calling 503-594-3294 or rharber@clackamas.edu, to discuss classes that are most suitable for you to start with.
    What pre-requisites are there for Horticulture classes?
    Visit the CCC Catalog for current information. Horticulture students are advised to take their placement tests at the Testing Center in Roger Rook Hall.
    How do I find out if my credits from other colleges will transfer to Clackamas Community College?
    To have your transfer credits evaluated, please turn in your Official Transcripts to the Registrar's Office, in Roger Rook Hall. Once the Office of Admissions, Registration and Records receives your Official Transcripts, you will be notified via your myClackamas student email account for further instructions.
    Where is the Horticulture Department located?
    We are located in the Horticulture Center, in Clairmont Hall at the Oregon City Campus.
    What facilities does the Horticulture Department have?
    Five acres of grounds immediately surrounding Clairmont Hall are used as a Land Laboratory for many different Horticulture classes. Gardens include Rhododendron garden, Herbaceous Perennial garden, Herb garden, All-American display garden, and Annual display garden. The Horticulture Department includes 2 production greenhouses, a shade house, a hoop house, collection of industry standard equipment used in landscaping and for nursery work, a container nursery, a field yard, a Certified Landscape Technician testing site, Urban Agriculture Farm site, a computer laboratory with many different horticulture software programs, and a resource room with books, magazines and internet connected computers for access to a wide variety of horticulture information.
    How can I arrange a tour of the Horticulture Department facilities?
    Tours of department facilities are best arranged by contacting Horticulture Department Chair, Renee Harber by calling 503-594-3294 or rharber@clackamas.edu
    Where can I find information about upcoming horticulture workshops?
    All Horticulture Department workshops are listed in the Schedule of Classes for the term in which they are occurring. Additionally, the Horticulture Department produces a class promotional publication that is available prior to the start of the upcoming term. It lists all classes and workshops, times, locations, instructors and a brief description of the contact of the class or workshop. The Classes and Workshops section of this website provides a link to a printable copy of the publication.
    How can I get more information about the Horticulture Department?
    Scheduling an appointment with the Department Advisor, Renee Harber, will give you more detailed information about the opportunities available for you at Clackamas. To schedule an appointment with Renee Harber, call Loretta Mills at 503-594-3292 or lorettam@clackamas.edu.
    If I need to speak with a CCC Counselor, whom would I contact?
    Stephanie Schaefer is the CCC Counselor assigned to work with Horticulture Students. To contact Stephanie call 503-594-6135 or email at sschaefer@clackamas.edu
    What pesticide use training classes do you offer?
    HOR 120 Pesticide Laws & Safety is a short course offered  during spring term which includes instruction to prepare and test for the ODA Pesticide Laws & Safety exam.  We also offer the Pesticide Laws & Safety in Spanish as a workshop in the winter, and  Pesticide Core training workshops, intended for re-certification credits, during the fall and winter terms. Check out our Classes and Workshops page for details.
    Where and when may I take the Oregon Department of Agriculture pesticide licensing examinations?
    The Testing Center at Clackamas Community College in Roger Rook Hall offers the ODA pesticide licensing exams. Phone the testing center at 503-594-3283 for information or an appointment.
    Do you offer classes or workshops that earn Oregon Department of Agriculture pesticide license re-certification credits or re-certification credits for arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture?
    ODA pesticide re-certification credits may be available for HOR235, HOR236, HOR216 and HOR237 (Weed ID, Insect ID, IPM and Disease ID respectively). Certified arborists may submit to the national ISA transcripts from classes whose content includes areas relevant to upgrading the skills of practicing arborists. All our of our credit courses and many workshops qualify for CEU units for Landscape contractors. Contact Loretta Mills at 503-594-3292 or lorettam@clackamas.edu with questions.
    What are some examples of jobs that graduates are working in?
    • Arborist
    • Farm managers
    • Farmers Market Managers
    • Floral Designers
    • Gardeners at Golf Courses
    • Greenhouse Growers
    • Herb Growers
    • Horticultural Consultant
    • Interiorscape Maintenance
    • Landscape Designers
    • Landscape Installation
    • Landscape Managers
    • Nursery Growers
    • Park Groundskeepers
    • Park Superintendent
    • Plant Propagators
    • Production field advisors
    • Retail Plant Sales
    • Sales of Horticultural Supplies
    • Small-scale Farm production
    • Spray Technician
    • Turf Maintenance Business
    • Wholesale Nursery Sales
    How can I post a job opening for Horticulture students?
    All job listings are posted on the bulletin board immediately outside of the Horticulture Resource Room, Clairmont Hall room 120. To post a listing, bring to Loretta in Clairmont Hall room 120, or email to lorettam@clackamas.edu with subject line of JOB POSTING.
    Are there scholarships and/or financial aid available?
    Several scholarships are exclusively available to CCC Horticulture students. To find out about these and all scholarships, visit the Financial Aid webpage.
    When is your spring plant sale?
    Our annual Horticulture Club plant sale is always the Friday before Mother's Day, noon - 5 pm, in the Oregon City campus Clairmont Hall parking lot. 
  • Contact our Horticulture Department

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Email us: lorettam@clackamas.edu

    Call us: 503-594-3292