• CAD/CAM Technology

    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    This program combines training in computer-aided drafting (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Course work emphasizes machine tool fundamentals, computer numerical control (CNC) and computer-aided manufacturing.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • accurately interpret technical drawings to determine product manufacturing specifications,
    • work safely in an industrial environment around machinery, power tools and chemicals;
    • operate manual machine tools to produce products to required specifications,
    • operate CNC machine tools including: program try-out, tooling/work-piece setup and adjustment, communicate effectively with G & M code language to perform everyday machining operations on three-axis milling machines and two-axis lathes;
    • utilize computer software to create CAD models and CAM generated programs for machining processes;
    • apply technical mathematics to solve manufacturing problems including: manual machining positioning, dimensional inspection, and NC programming;
    • apply knowledge of materials, physics and mathematics to effectively machine industrial materials;
    • plan manufacturing operations in a logical and efficient manner to produce products on both manual and CNC machine tools,
    • work and communicate effectively in team environment to achieve high quality value stream,
    • work independently to solve common problems in manufacturing processes,
    • apply industrial drafting standards to technical drawings,
    • use CAD software to develop, modify and test machine elements and assemblies in 2D and 3D applications.


    Career opportunities may include CNC programmer and operator, CAD technician, manufacturing engineering technician and CAD/CAM technician. For information contact Mike Mattson, 503-594-3322 or mattsonm@clackamas.edu


    (Oregon Tech transfer courses)

    The Manufacturing Technology Department, in partnership with Oregon Tech, offers a significant number of transferable classes into Oregon Tech’s Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree program.

    Contact the Manufacturing Department for more information, 503-594-3318.


    FIRST TERM Credits

    CDT-102 Sketching and Problem Solving 3

    CDT-108A Introduction to SolidWorks 3

    MFG-104 Print Reading 2

    MTH-050** Technical Mathematics I 3

    WR-101** Communication Skills: Occupational Writing 3

    SECOND TERM Credits

    CDT-223 Inventor Fundamentals

    or CDT-225 Advanced SolidWorks 3

    MFG-105 Dimensional Inspection 2

    MFG-109 Computer Literacy for Technicians 3

    MFG-111 Machine Tool Fundamentals I 6

    MTH-080** Technical Mathematics II 3

    THIRD TERM Credits

    MFG-106 Applied Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing for Manufacturing 3

    MFG-112 Machine Tool Fundamentals II 6

    MFG-221 Materials Science 3

    — — CAD/CAM program elective 3


    FOURTH TERM Credits

    MFG-113 Machine Tool Fundamentals III 6

    MFG-201 CNC I: Set-up & Operation 4

    MFG-204 Computer-Aided Manufacturing I 4

    — — ** Human Relations requirement 3

    FIFTH TERM Credits

    MFG-202 CNC II: Programming & Operation 4

    MFG-205 Computer-Aided Manufacturing II 4

    MFG-209 Programming and Automation for Manufacturing 3

    MFG-107 Industrial Safety & First Aid 3

    SIXTH TERM Credits

    MFG-203 CNC III: Applied Programming & Operation 3

    MFG-206 Computer-Aided Manufacturing III 3

    MFG-211 Machine Tool Fundamentals IV 6

    MFG-280 Manufacturing Technology/CWE 4

    Credits required for degree 93

    CAD/CAM technology program electives

    Any course with a CDT, EET, GIS, MFG, RET, SM or WLD prefix.

    Students with specialized job training needs may be eligible to substitute some classes. Consult your instructor or the department chair for more information.

    **Substitute college transfer courses for these courses if you plan to continue your education at a higher education institution. It is recommended that you consult with a faculty advisor or a staff member in Student Services for the transfer requirements of the specific advanced program or school.

    Information from the 2014-2015 catalog.

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