• Criminal Justice

    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    The course work for this two-year program is designed to develop students’ knowledge and skills in the areas of law enforcement, courts and corrections. Areas emphasized include community policing, criminal investigation, routine patrol and criminological theory. Students gain an appreciation of the various parts of the criminal justice system and how they function as a whole. Students may enter this program any term.

    The course work for this program includes cooperative work experience which affords the student opportunity for hands-on experience with many local, federal and state law enforcement agencies.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • identify the major steps of the criminal justice process,
    • define each step in the criminal justice process, and critically analyze how a case proceeds through the system;
    • explain the functions of law enforcement and corrections in the United States in terms of historical roots, structure and contemporary issues;
    • describe the role of the criminal court system in the United States,
    • communicate effectively both verbally and in writing,
    • apply key United States Supreme Court cases to real-life situations,
    • develop strategies for coping with stressors associated with working in law enforcement.


    Career opportunities include law enforcement officer at the local, state or national level, loss prevention officers and Homeland Security officers. Many departments require college course work or degrees in addition to civil service requirements.

    For general information or information about transferring to a four-year institution contact Ida Flippo, 503-594-3363 or iflipp@clackamas.edu

    Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science Degree: 1st year

    FALL TERM Credits

    CJA-110 Introduction to Law Enforcement 4

    CJA-200 Community Policing in a Culturally Diverse Society 4

    WR-121 English Composition 4

    — — Criminal Justice program electives 3

    WINTER TERM Credits

    CJA-120 Judicial Process 3

    CJA-243 Drugs, Crime, & the Law 3

    WR-122 English Composition 4

    MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I

    or MTH-065 Algebra II 3-4

    SPRING TERM Credits

    CJA-101 Criminology 3

    CJA-130 Introduction to Corrections 3

    CJA-203 Crisis Intervention 3

    CJA-250 Reporting, Recording, & Testifying 4

    — — Criminal Justice program electives 3

    Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science Degree: 2nd year

    FALL TERM Credits

    CJA-122 Criminal Law 4

    CJA-170 Introduction to Field Work in Criminal Justice 3

    CJA-210 Criminal Investigation I 3

    PSY-219 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 4

    WINTER TERM Credits

    CJA-201 Juvenile Delinquency 4

    CJA-211 Criminal Investigation II 3

    CJA-223 Criminal Justice Ethics 3

    CJA-280 Criminal Justice/Corrections/CWE 3

    — — Criminal Justice program electives 3

    SPRING TERM Credits

    CJA-212 Criminal Investigation III 3

    CJA-222 Procedural Law 3

    CJA-281 Criminal Justice/Corrections/CWE 3

    HE-151 Body & Drugs I

    or HE-205 Youth Addictions

    or HE-255 Body & Alcohol 3

    HS-260 Victim Advocacy & Assistance 4

    Credits required for degree 90-91

    CRIMINAL JUSTICE program electives

    Students select from the following:

    COURSE Credits

    COMM-126 Communication Between the Sexes 4

    COMM-140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 4

    COMM-218 Interpersonal Communication 4

    COMM-227 Nonverbal Communication 4

    GRN-183 Death and Dying 3

    HDF-260 Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect 3

    Any CJA, HS, PHL, PS, PSY, or SOC course not already included in the Criminal Justice AAS program.

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    Call us: 503-594-3203

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