• Emergency Management

    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    Emergency Management course work prepares a student to make decisions, problem solve, communicate effectively and coordinate all sources necessary for preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery for any possible emergency or disaster. A program description and list of approved courses can be found on the Criminal Justice/Emergency Management website: http://depts.clackamas.edu/crimjust/  

    For information call 503-594-3207.

    Program Outcomes

    Successful completion of this degree program will enable students to demonstrate the entry-level skills needed to acquire positions within public or private sector agencies responsible for preparedness planning and managing of any type of life-threatening disaster.


    Career opportunities include local emergency manager, FEMA worker, public safety manager, Homeland Defense Agency worker and risk assessment manager. For information contact Yvonne Smith, 503-594-3207 or yvonnes@clackamas.edu  

    Emergency Management Core

    • Complete the following requirements.

    • EM-101 Introduction to Emergency Management 
      EM-104 Emergency Planning 
      EM-111 Community Emergency Response Team 
      EM-112 Emergency Management Skillbuilder 
      EM-115 Hazardous Materials Prevention 
      EM-120 Emergency Program Manager 
      EM-121 Emergency Preparedness 
      EM-122 Radiological Emergency Management 
      EM-123 Hazardous Materials Orientation 
      EM-124 Earthquakes of Tomorrow 
      EM-125 Orientation for Community Disaster 
      EM-126 Emergency Operation Center's Role InThe Community 
      EM-128 Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance 
      EM-151 Radiological Emergency Response 
      EM-155 Introduction to Mitigation 
      EM-160 Role of Volunteer Agencies in Emergency Management 
      EM-172 Hazardous Weather - Community Risks 
      EM-190 State Disaster Management 
      EM-192 Partnerships With Tribal Governments 
      EM-195 Coordinating Environmental & Historical Compliance 
      EM-280 Emergency Management/CWE 
      • Take EM-109 or COMM-111.
      EM-109 Public Information Officer 
      COMM-111 Public Speaking 

    Emergency Management Related Instruction

    • Take one course to fulfill the Communication Related Instruction requirement. Please see the CCC catalog for eligible courses.

    • WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing 
      WR-121 English Composition 
      WR-122 English Composition 
      WR-123 English Composition 
      WR-227 Technical Report Writing 
    • Take one course to fulfill the Computation Related Instruction Requirement. Please see the CCC catalog for eligible courses.

    • CS-133VB Visual Basic.NET I 
      CS-161 Computer Science I 
      CS-162 Computer Science II 
      CS-260 Data Structures 
      MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I 
      MTH-065 Algebra II 
      MTH-080 Technical Mathematics II 
      MTH-085 Technical Mathematics III 
      MTH-092 Mathematics for Computer Technicians 
      MTH-095 Algebra III 
      MTH-105 Introduction to Contemporary Math 
      MTH-111 College Algebra 
      MTH-112 Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus 
      MTH-211 Fundamentals of Elementary Math I 
      MTH-212 Fundamentals of Elementary Math II 
      MTH-213 Fundamentals of Elementary Math III 
      MTH-251 Calculus I 
      MTH-252 Calculus II 
      MTH-253 Calculus III 
      MTH-254 Vector Calculus 
      MTH-256 Differential Equations 
      MTH-261 Linear Algebra 
    • Take one course to fulfill the Human Relations Related Instruction requirement. Please see the CCC catalog for a list of eligible courses.

    • ANT-102 Archaeology & Prehistory 
      ANT-103 Cultural Anthropology 
      BA-285 Human Relations in Business 
      ED-258 Multicultural Education 
      HST-101 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-102 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-103 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-201 History of the United States 
      HST-202 History of the United States 
      HST-203 History of the United States 
      PS-203 U.S. Government: State & Local Institutions 
      PS-205 International Relations 
      PSY-101 Human Relations 
      PSY-110 Psychology: An Overview 
      PSY-200 Psychology As A Natural Science 
      PSY-205 Psychology As a Social Science 
      PSY-214 Introduction to Personality 
      PSY-215 Introduction to Developmental Psychology 
      PSY-219 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 
      PSY-221 Introduction to Counseling 
      PSY-231 Introduction to Human Sexuality 
      PSY-240 Interpersonal Awareness & Growth 
      SOC-204 Introduction to Sociology 
      SOC-205 Social Stratification & Social Systems 
      SOC-206 Institutions & Social Change 
      SOC-225 Social Problems 
      COMM-100 Basic Speech Communication 
      COMM-105 Listening 
      COMM-112 Persuasive Speaking 
      COMM-126 Communication Between the Sexes 
      COMM-140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 
      COMM-218 Interpersonal Communication 
      COMM-227 Nonverbal Communication 
    • Take one course to fulfill the PE/Health Related Instruction requirement. Please see the CCC catalog for eligible courses.

    • Physical Education
      Health/Physical Education

    Emergency Management General Electives

    • Complete 14 credits of additional college-level coursework.

    • Collision Repair
      Collision Repair Refinishing
      Auto Mechanics
      Arts & Sciences
      American Sign Language
      Business Administration
      Building Construction
      Business Technology
      Computer-Aided Drafting
      Criminal Justice
      Clinical Lab Assistant
      Credit for Prior Learning
      Computer Science
      Cooperative Work Experience
      Dental Assisting
      Early Childhood Education
      Electrical Engineering
      Electronic Systems Technology
      College Study Skills
      Emergency Management
      Emergency Medical Technician
      Engineering Sciences
      English Non-Native Language
      Energy & Resource Management
      Environmental Safety & Health
      Environmental Science
      Employment Skills Training
      Food & Nutrition
      Foreign Language
      Fire Science (wildland)
      General Engineering
      Geographic Information Systems
      General Science
      Human Devlpmt/Career Planning
      Human Devlpmt/Family Services
      Health/Physical Education
      Human Services
      Integrated Media Studies
      Medical Assistant
      Manuf Engineering Technology
      Medical Imaging Transcription
      Music Performance
      Occupational Skills Training
      Physical Education
      Political Science
      Radio Broadcasting
      Real Estate
      Microelectronics Systems Tech
      Social Science
      Theatre Arts
      Technical Physics
      Transportation & Logistics
      Welding Technology
      Water & Environmental Tech
      Women's Studies

    Emergency Management Program Electives

    • Take 18 credits of Emergency Management program electives.

    • EM-133 Public Officials Update 
      EM-134 Public Policy in Emergency Management 
      EM-135 Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations 
      EM-136 Hazardous Materials Contingency Planning 
      EM-137 Hazardous Mitigation Workshop 
      EM-138 Managing Search Operations 
      EM-139 Military Support to Civilian Authorities 
      EM-140 Debris Management 
      EM-141 Incident Command System: Safety Officer 
      EM-142 Incident Command System (ICS):Commander 
      EM-144 Emergency Management: Amateur Radio 
      EM-145 Incident Command System Finances 
      EM-146 Incident Command System (ICS): Applications/Management 
      EM-147 Exercise Control and Simulation 
      EM-148 Exercise Program Manager 
      EM-149 Managing People in Disasters 
      EM-150 Retrofitting Flood Prone Residential Structures 
      EM-154 Orientation of Hazardous Materials for Hospital Personnel 
      EM-159 Donations Management 
      EM-161 Mitigation for Homeowners 
      EM-165 COBRA/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incident Command 
      EM-166 Cobra/Weapons of Mass Destruction Responder 
      EM-167 COBRA/Weapons of Mass Destruction Hazardous Materials Technician 
      EM-168 Cobra/Weapons of Mass DestructionDOJ Incident Command 
      EM-171 Residential Coastal Construction 
      EM-175 RAPID Assessment 
      EM-176 Emergency Operations Center Management/ Operations 
      EM-177 Resource Management 
      EM-178 Flood Fight Operations 
      EM-179 Multi-Hazard Safety Program for Schools 
      EM-181 Mitigation for Emergency Managers 
      EM-182 Fundamentals of Radiological Emergency Response 
      EM-183 Hazardous Weather/Flood Preparedness 
      EM-184 Hurricane Planning 
      EM-185 Instructional Delivery Skills 
      EM-187 Public Assistance Applicant Program Process 
      EM-188 Grant Writing/Louisiana 
      EM-191 Livestock in Disasters 
      EM-194 Introduction to Radiological Emergency Management (REP) Evaluation 
      EM-197 Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools 
  • Contact our Education, Human Services and Criminal Justice Department

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Call us: 503-594-3203

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