• Energy & Resource Management

    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    The Energy & Resource Management (ERM) program prepares students for entry-level careers in the utility, energy and resource industries. Course work covers traditional and alternative energy generation, distribution, operation, management and leadership. The ERM program is endorsed by the Utility Training Alliance (UTA) comprised of Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp, Clackamas Community College, and other regional utility partners.

    Program Requirements

    Students who wish to participate in the Energy & Resource Management (ERM) program are welcome to register for the ERM classes once all the course prerequisites are met. Students are advised of the necessary utility industry standards for math, writing, reading, and computer skills required for the successful completion of this program.

    Prior to registration in the ERM courses, students must meet the following:

    • Achieve placement in RD-115, WR-095 and MTH-060 or provide proof of a comparable assessment.
    • Meet with EURM Department Advisor or Wilsonville Campus Director.

    Program Outcomes

    Successful completion of this program should enable students to demonstrate the core knowledge and skills needed to acquire entry level positions within the utility, energy and resource industries. Students have the opportunity to earn the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), along with a CPR/First Aid certification. Students can also earn a Project Management Leadership & Communication Career Pathways Certificate with the successful completion of second year coursework and applying with a separate petition for graduation.


    Career opportunities may include: customer service representative, technician operator, support personnel, utilities assistant, resource specialist, business administration and project management.

    For information contact: Angie Sandercock, EURM Department Advisor, 503-594-0944 or angies@clackamas.edu or Shelly Tracy, Wilsonville Campus Director, 503-594-0945 or shellyt@clackamas.edu  

    Oregon Tech Transfer Agreement

    Graduates from CCC’s Energy & Resource Management AAS Degree will transfer with a minimum of 60 credits to Oregon Tech’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Technology and Management program. Admission to Oregon Tech is not guaranteed. Transfer students must apply for admission to Oregon Tech in accordance with policies and procedures of Oregon Tech. Students are responsible for notifying the Oregon Tech Admissions and Registrar’s Office to ensure their credits transfer. Students must be attending Clackamas Community College during the current catalog year and must enroll at Oregon Tech within three years of the current catalog year.

    Energy & Resource Management - Year 1

    • Complete the following requirements.

    • ERM-100 Orientation to Energy & Resource Technology 
      ERM-107 Career Portfolio
      ERM-108A Career Industry Marketing Strategies 
      ERM-171 Energy Industry Health Awareness
      WR-121 English Composition 
      • Take HE-261W or HE-261.
      HE-261W Community CPR 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • ERM-101 Energy & Resource Technology I: Intro
      ERM-102 Energy & Resource Technology II: Electricity 
      PSY-101 Human Relations 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • EC-201 Principles of Economics: MICRO 
      ERM-103 Energy & Resource Technology III: Generation 
      • Take 3 credits of ERM-180.
      ERM-180 Energy & Resource Management/CWE 

    Energy & Resource Management - Year 2

    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BA-122 Teamwork: Project Management 
      BA-123 Leadership and Motivation 
      • TAKE 4 CREDITS OF ERM-201.
      ERM-201 Energy Applications: Renewable Energy Resources 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BA-285 Human Relations in Business 
      COMM-111 Public Speaking 
      • TAKE 4 CREDITS OF ERM-202.
      ERM-202 Energy Applications II: Leadership 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BA-124 Negotiation: Project Management 
      BA-205 Solving Communication Problems With Technology 
      • TAKE 4 CREDITS OF ERM-203.
      ERM-203 Energy Applications III: Seminar 

    Computation Requirement

    • Please see the CCC Catalog for eligible Computation courses.

    • CS-161 Computer Science I 
      CS-162 Computer Science II 
      CS-260 Data Structures 
      MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I 
      MTH-052 Medication Calculations for Nurses 
      MTH-065 Algebra II 
      MTH-080 Technical Mathematics II 
      MTH-092 Mathematics for Computer Technicians 
      MTH-095 Algebra III 
      MTH-105 Introduction to Contemporary Math 
      MTH-111 College Algebra 
      MTH-112 Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus 
      MTH-211 Fundamentals of Elementary Math I 
      MTH-212 Fundamentals of Elementary Math II 
      MTH-213 Fundamentals of Elementary Math III 
      MTH-251 Calculus I 
      MTH-252 Calculus II 
      MTH-253 Calculus III 
      MTH-254 Vector Calculus 
      MTH-256 Differential Equations 
      MTH-261 Linear Algebra 

    Human Relations Requirement

    • Complete the following requirement.

      ANT-102 Archaeology & Prehistory 
      ANT-103 Cultural Anthropology 
      BA-285 Human Relations in Business 
      ED-258 Multicultural Education 
      HST-101 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-102 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-103 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-201 History of the United States 
      HST-202 History of the United States 
      HST-203 History of the United States 
      PS-203 U.S. Government: State & Local Institutions 
      PS-205 International Relations 
      PSY-101 Human Relations 
      PSY-110 Psychology: An Overview 
      PSY-200 Psychology As A Natural Science 
      PSY-205 Psychology As a Social Science 
      PSY-214 Introduction to Personality 
      PSY-215 Introduction to Developmental Psychology 
      PSY-219 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 
      PSY-221 Introduction to Counseling 
      PSY-231 Introduction to Human Sexuality 
      PSY-240 Interpersonal Awareness & Growth 
      SOC-204 Introduction to Sociology 
      SOC-205 Social Stratification & Social Systems 
      SOC-206 Institutions & Social Change 
      SOC-225 Social Problems 
      COMM-100 Basic Speech Communication 
      COMM-105 Listening 
      COMM-112 Persuasive Speaking 
      COMM-126 Communication Between the Sexes 
      COMM-140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 
      COMM-218 Interpersonal Communication 
      COMM-227 Nonverbal Communication 

    Energy Resource & Management Program Electives

    • Complete the following requirements.

      • Take 7 credits of Energy & Resource Management Program Electives.
      BA-131 Introduction to Business Computing 
      ERM-172 Energy Industry Safety Development 
      ERM-173 Energy Industry Performance Development 
      WR-122 English Composition 

    General Electives

    • Take 12 credits of General Electives (any 100 level course).

      Collision Repair
      Collision Repair Refinishing
      Auto Mechanics
      Arts & Letters
      Arts & Sciences
      American Sign Language
      Business Administration
      Business Technology
      Computer-Aided Drafting
      Criminal Justice
      Clinical Lab Assistant
      Communication Studies
      Credit for Prior Learning
      Computer Science
      Cooperative Work Experience
      Dental Assisting
      Digital Multimedia Communicatn
      Early Childhood Education
      Electrical Engineering
      Electronic Systems Technology
      College Study Skills
      Emergency Medical Technician
      English Non-Native Language
      Energy & Resource Management
      Environmental Safety & Health
      Environmental Science
      Employment Skills Training
      Food & Nutrition
      Foreign Language
      Fire Science (wildland)
      General Engineering
      Geographic Information Systems
      General Science
      Human Devlpmt/Career Planning
      Human Devlpmt/Family Services
      Health Informatics
      Health Professional Develop
      Health/Physical Education
      Human Services
      Integrated Media Studies
      Medical Assistant
      Manuf Engineering Technology
      Medical Imaging Transcription
      Music Performance
      Occupational Skills Training
      Physical Education
      Political Science
      Radio Broadcasting
      Reinforced Composite Tech
      Real Estate
      Renewable Energy Technology
      Microelectronics Systems Tech
      Social Science
      Social Science
      Theatre Arts
      Technical Physics
      Transportation & Logistics
      Water-Environmental Technology
      Welding Technology
      Water & Environmental Tech
      Women's Studies



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