• Entry Level Multimedia Journalist

    Career Pathway Certificate

    Program code: CC.ELVLMMJRNST

    The Entry Level Multimedia Journalist certificate prepares students for entry level positions in the field of multimedia and journalism. Students attain knowledge and learn skills to seek careers in creative and support professions related to multimedia and broadcast journalism, such as visual and audio editing, multimedia production, post production, weblog and podcast writing and production, broadcast reporting and electronic news gathering.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • display preparedness for an entry-level position in the field of multimedia journalism by orchestrating multiple news teams, generating newsworthy story ideas, and checking content for problem with libel and newsworthiness;
    • demonstrate video production skills and understanding in broadcast journalism by managing a news crew to follow up and record video news stories, editing video news stories, compressing video into needed formats, uploading and updating video news stories onto an internet server;
    • demonstrate skills and understanding in journalism by writing news stories and taking photographs for publication in the weekly newspaper, working with a peer group toward a common goal, conducting interviews in a professional manner, synthesizing Information gathered from sources to put together news articles, writing photo captions with no errors, researching, collecting and evaluating information for use in news stories, practicing ethical journalism in gathering information, and processing advertising contracts;
    • demonstrate skills and understanding in digital video editing which include logging and capturing raw video, cutting video sequences into individual shots, assembling shots into cohesive and meaningful order within a timeline, generating text to place into video, adjusting audio levels and apply audio transitions and color correction, discuss the historical cultural impact of the language of film and how that impacts present-day editing decisions, apply established editing techniques and style to a creative video editing project using Premiere Pro, create a digital slide show, produce an audio news story, design and maintain a working news website.


    Career opportunities include work in radio, television stations, motion picture industry, as well as advertising and promotions.

    For information contact Kelly White, 503-594-3034 or kellyw@clackamas.edu


    FALL TERM Credits

    DMC-100 Introduction to Media Arts 3

    DMC-104 Digital Video Editing 4

    J-216 Writing for Media

    or J-230 Multimedia Reporting 4

    J-220 Introduction to Broadcast Journalism 4

    WINTER TERM Credits

    COMM-100 Speech Communications

    or PSY-101 Human Relations 3

    J-215 College Newspaper Lab: Writing & Photography 3

    WR-121 English Composition 4

    SPRING TERM Credits

    BA-146 Entertainment Law & New Media 3

    DMC-190 Digital Media Communications Portfolio Project I 1

    J-211 Mass Media & Society 4

    J-221 Broadcast Journalism

    or J-226 Introduction to College Newspaper: Design & Production 4

    Credits required for certificate 37

    Information from the 2016-2017 catalog.

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