• Landscape Practices


    Program code: CC.CC.LANDSCAPEPRAC

    The Landscape Practices certificate will prepare students to work in the landscaping industry by providing them with hands-on experience, and a basic understanding of the activities involved in the installation and maintenance of landscapes.

    Sustainable practices, such as the use of Integrated Pest Management, low water landscapes, and techniques that protect and care for the soil are emphasized throughout the program. Students use industry standard equipment and practices in the care of CCC’s extensive landscape facilities, including an arboretum, water-efficient demonstration garden, large turf areas, and several annual, herbaceous perennial and shrub beds.

    CCC’s landscape program is the only one in Oregon accredited by National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), which speaks to its credibility in the industry.

    Students have the opportunity to compete on the team that attends NALP’s National Collegiate Landscape Competition each year. Also, NALP’s certified technician testing site for Oregon is located on campus, and is used for instructional purposes.

    Students may begin this program any term. Following the course offerings in the order listed is not required, but will allow for completion in a one year period.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate competency in sustainable landscape maintenance and installation activities, including: safe use of tools and equipment, operation of irrigation systems, pruning and training techniques, turf maintenance, hardscape installation and reading/installing from a design plan;
    • identify common woody and herbaceous plants in the landscape,
    • recognize key pests in the landscape and follow IPM strategies,
    • use a basic understanding of soil science to make sound decisions in the maintenance of landscapes,
    • pass the ODA Pesticide Laws & Safety exam.


    As a graduate of our Landscape Practices program, you will be prepared to work in a skilled landscape technician position for a: landscape design/build company, estate garden, parks department, tree care company, golf course or as a selfemployed maintenance contractor.

    For information contact Horticulture Department, 503-594-3292 or lorettam@clackamas.edu


    Some horticulture classes transfer to Oregon State University as part of a bachelor’s degree. Landscape students planning to continue their studies at a four-year college should consult the Horticulture advisor to obtain the most recent transfer information.


    FALL TERM Credits

    HOR-115 Horticulture Safety 1

    HOR-123 Landscape Maintenance 3

    HOR-224 Landscape Installation 3

    HOR-226 Plant Identification/Fall 3

    HOR-235 Weed Identification 2

    HOR-236 Insect Identification 2

    WINTER TERM Credits

    HOR-131 Tree & Shrub Pruning 3

    HOR-216 Integrated Pest Management 3

    HOR-229* Introduction to Landscape Design

    or HOR-244*Environmental Landscape Design 3

    HOR-230 Equipment Operation & Maintenance 2

    HOR-237 Disease Identification 2

    SPRING TERM Credits

    HOR-120 Pesticide Laws & Safety 1

    Choose one from the following:

    HOR-126* Landscape Water Features

    HOR-127* Landscape Lighting

    HOR-128* Landscape Stones & Pavers

    HOR-129* Landscape Decks & Fences 1

    HOR-140 Soils 3

    HOR-145 Turf Installation & Maintenance 2

    HOR-228 Plant Identification/Spring 3

    HOR-240 Irrigation & Drainage Practices 3

    SUMMER TERM Credits

    HOR-280 Horticulture/CWE 3

    Credits required for certificate 43

    * Offered alternate years

    Information from the 2016-2017 catalog.

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