• Paraeducator


    Program code: CC.PARAEDUCATOR

    The Paraeducator Certificate is designed for those who would like to work as instructional assistants in educational settings. Course work provides a basic foundation in theory and practical application in how children learn, teaching strategies, developing positive relationships with students, integrating technology into the learning environment, addressing the needs of special-needs students and the role of the classroom in a multicultural society.

    Course work includes cooperative work experience and core courses in education, many of which are offered online to meet the needs of currently employed teacher assistants and students exploring educational careers.

    The No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 now mandates that paraeducators who work in Title I schools have two years of college, an associate’s degree, or pass a competency test equivalent to sophomore level course work in reading, writing, math and teaching strategies.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate appropriate strategies and techniques to provide instructional support to students of diverse populations,
    • demonstrate attitudes and behaviors that are appropriate in meeting the needs of diverse populations,
    • apply best practices in classroom management to optimize the potential for student learning,
    • practice ethical and legal standards of conduct,
    • apply technology to support teaching, learning, and communication,
    • demonstrate competence in core skill areas of written and oral communications, reading, and mathematics.


    Portland State University will accept the Paraeducator Certificate as part of a 90 credit Associate of General Studies. Talk with Laurette Scott at 503-594-3840 for requirements.


    Career opportunities include paraeducator positions in public or private elementary or secondary schools.

    For information contact Laurette Scott, 503-594-3840 or laurette@clackamas.edu


    FALL TERM Credits

    ED-100 Introduction to Education 3

    ED-113 Instructional Strategies in Reading & Language Arts 3

    ED-131 Instructional Strategies 3

    ED-235 Educational Technology 3

    WINTER TERM Credits

    ED-169 Overview of Students with Special Needs 3

    ED-200 Foundations of Education 3

    ED-229 Learning and Development 3

    ED-254 Instructional Strategies for Dual Language Learners 3

    SPRING TERM Credits

    ED-114 Instructional Strategies in Math and Science 3

    ED-130 Comprehensive Classroom Management 3

    ED-258 Multicultural Education 3

    ED-280 Practicum/CWE 3

    SUMMER TERM Credits

    MTH-065 Algebra II 4

    WR-121 English Composition 4

    — — General electives (any college level course) 3

    Credits required for certificate 47

    Information from the 2016-2017 catalog.

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