• Project Management

    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    Upon completion of the two-year Project Management Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree program, students with appropriate work experience are qualified to sit for the national certification examination in project management and to earn the PMP professional designation.

    Program Outcomes

    Students successfully completing this program will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary for employment in a variety of business and management settings, including utilities, manufacturing, merchandising, retail, sales, construction, consulting, government and non-profit organizations. More advanced program outcome skills include project and business design, budgeting and scheduling, team management, project management, and project evaluation.


    Careers include project and program management, project portfolio management, and project administration. Potential job titles include project manager, program manager, project scheduler, cost estimator, project portfolio manager, project administrator, project leader, project office manager/director, procurement planner/analyst, procurement assistant, project assistant, and project coordinator.

    For information contact Kathy Christensen, 503-594-3072 or kathc@clackamas.edu  

    Project Management -Year 1

    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BA-120 Project Management Fundamentals 
      BA-122 Teamwork: Project Management 
      BA-123 Leadership and Motivation 
      BA-131 Introduction to Business Computing 
      Physical Education
      Health/Physical Education
    • Complete the following requirements.

      • TAKE BA-111 OR BA-211.
      BA-111 General Accounting I 
      BA-211 Financial Accounting I 
      BT-177 Microsoft Project 
      WR-121 English Composition 
      • TAKE BA-125.
      BA-125 Advanced Project Management Tools 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BA-101 Introduction to Business 
      BA-124 Negotiation: Project Management 
      BA-126 Project Management: Workshop 
      BA-217 Budgeting for Managers 
      CS-135S Microsoft Excel or any BA/BT course not already used in Project Management program

    Project Management - Year 2

    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BA-205 Solving Communication Problems With Technology 
      BA-223 Principles of Marketing 
      BA-285 Human Relations in Business 
      MTH-065 Algebra II 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BA-206 Management Fundamentals 
      BA-226 Business Law I 
      COMM-111 Public Speaking 
    • Complete the following requirements.

      • TAKE BA-225 OR WR-227.
      BA-225 Business Report Writing 
      WR-227 Technical Report Writing 
      BA-268 Applied Project Demonstration
      • TAKE 3 CREDITS OF BA-280.
      BA-280 Business/CWE 

    Project Management Program Electives

    • Take 7 credits of Project Management Program Electives.

      BA-103 Business Strategies for Computer Consultants 
      BA-104 Business Math 
      BA-112 General Accounting II 
      BA-146 Entertainment Law & New Media 
      BA-156 Business Forecasting 
      BA-160 Purchasing I 
      BA-161 Purchasing II 
      BA-177 Payroll Accounting 
      BA-208 Employee and Labor Relations 
      BA-211 Financial Accounting I 
      BA-212 Financial Accounting II 
      BA-213 Decision Making With Accounting Information 
      BA-214 Business Communication 
      BA-216 Cost Accounting 
      BA-218 Personal Finance 
      BA-222 Financial Management 
      BA-224 Human Resource Management 
      BA-227 Business Law II 
      BA-229 Employment Law 
      BA-238 Sales 
      BA-239 Advertising 
      BA-240 Governmental Accounting 
      BA-248 Auditing 
      BA-249 Retailing 
      BA-250 Small Business Management 
      BA-251 Supervisory Management 
      BA-254 Basic Compensation & Benefits 
      BA-256 Income Tax Accounting 
      BT-101 Introduction to e-Learning 
      BT-110 Income Tax Preparation 
      BT-120 Personal Keyboarding 
      BT-121 Data Entry 
      BT-122 Keyboarding Skillbuilding 
      BT-124 Business Editing I 
      BT-125 Business Editing II 
      BT-160 Word I 
      BT-161 Word II 
      BT-170 Access 
      BT-172 Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 
      BT-173 Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint 
      BT-176 Excel 
      BT-216 Office Procedures 
      BT-262 Integrated Projects 



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