• Utility Trade Preparation: Lineworker


    The Utility Trade Preparation: Lineworker program prepares students to enter the outside line construction industry with the core required skills, knowledge and safety awareness for initial entry-level employment requirements. It is important to be physically fit, work well in a team environment, adhere to safety requirements and maintain ethical conduct in all work practices.

    This certificate is endorsed by the Utility Training Alliance (UTA) comprised of Portland General Electric (PGE) and Clackamas Community College.


    Students who wish to participate in the Utility Trade Preparation: Lineworker program are welcome to register for the ERM classes once all prerequisites are met.

    Students are advised of the necessary utility industry standards for math, writing, reading, computer skills and the physical capability required for the successful completion of this program.

    Prior to registration in the ERM courses, students must meet the following:

    • Must be 18 years or older
    • Possess a valid driver’s license and CDL permit
    • Capable of strenuous physical activity
    • Physically able to climb utility poles
    • Comfortable with heights of up to 60 feet
    • Pass RD-090 or placement in RD-115, pass WR-095 or placement in WR-121, pass MTH-060 or placement in MTH-065, and pass CS-090 or placement in CS-120
    • Pass ERM-121 with a C or better
    • Meet with EURM Department Advisor.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate the hands-on skills needed and describe the core knowledge needed to acquire entry-level positions within the utility industry,
    • identify and comply with all laws and performance standards, and produce reliable results to blend safety and performance into a unified work practice by identifying and demonstrating personal health and safety practices;
    • demonstrate an advanced working knowledge of utility tools of the trade: use of fire extinguishers, tie ropes and knots, trenching and shoring, chain saw, advanced rigging, operating a forklift, running an excavator, OSHA 10, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ladder safety, electrical hazard awareness, pole identification, and advanced Groundworker practices which includes building cross arms, using mathematical equations to complete setting poles and guy wires;
    • demonstrate how to safely climb, maneuver and perform work on a utility pole, and be able to incorporate blue print reading and basic electricity theories into every day work practices;
    • develop and customize a working portfolio to record the application of knowledge and skills acquired from their education, work history and this program which may relate to their current and future career path in the energy and resource industries;
    • prepare and test for the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) by practicing on the WIN website application,
    • articulate principles and concepts that govern safe work practices in the utility industry, identify and demonstrate personal health and safety within industry standards;
    • earn a CPR/First Aid/AED certification.


    Career opportunities include: ground worker, general laborer, flagger, service technician, store room, maintenance and repair workers, power line clearance, maintenance and repair workers, telcom construction and installation, general laborer or technical assistant. It also will prepare students to enter a utility industry apprenticeship.

    For information contact:

    Angie Sandercock, EURM Department Advisor 503-594-0944 or angies@clackamas.edu

    Shelly Tracy, Wilsonville Campus Director 503-594-0945 or shellyt@clackamas.edu


    FIRST TERM Credits

    ERM-100 Introduction to Utility Industry & Career Options 3

    ERM-107 Career Portfolio 4

    ERM-109 Career Interview Strategies 1

    ERM-110 OSHA 10 Training 1

    ERM-111 Flagging-Work Zone Protection 1

    ERM-160 Utility Industry Health Awareness 3

    ERM-161 Utility Industry Safety Development 4

    MTH-065 Algebra II (or higher level math) 4

    WINTER TERM Credits

    BA-119 Project Management Practices 2

    MFG-104 Blueprint Reading 2

    MFG-130 Basic Electricity 3

    ERM-162 Groundworker Training 3

    ERM-163 Initial Pole Climbing 4

    HE-261 Community CPR 1

    Credits required for certificate 36

  • Contact our Energy and Utility Resource Management Department

    Wilsonville Campus - 29353 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

    Call us: 503-594-0942

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