• Water & Environmental Technology

    Professional Upgrade


    The Water & Environmental Technology program provides career technical classes combined with field experience. Classes are offered in day/evening combinations and have enrollment limits to enhance instructional quality and job placement.

    Course work emphasizes fundamental aspects of drinking water distribution, drinking water treatment, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment. Course work includes 240 hours of industry cooperative work experience, laboratory methods in environmental chemistry, aquatic microbiology and preparation for the provisional operator certification exams.

    Program Outcomes

    Program outcomes should include the skills necessary for entry-level employment in a variety of water-management industries; cities, counties and state agencies; and businesses, including wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, environmental laboratories, source control programs, engineering firms, surface water management agencies, environmental agencies and organizations.


    Career opportunities include water and/or liquid waste treatment plant and system operator, environmental science technician and environmental engineering technician. Careers also include environmental lab technician, source control technician, surface water specialist and environmental regulator.

    For information contact Matthew LaForce 503-594-3148 or laforce@clackamas.edu  

    Water & Environmental Technology

    • Complete the following requirements.

      • TAKE CH-104 OR CH-221.
      CH-104 Introductory Chemistry 
      CH-221 General Chemistry 
      MTH-082A Wastewater Math I 
      MTH-082B Waterworks Math I 
      WET-110 Wastewater Operations I 
      WET-111 Waterworks Operations I 
      • TAKE WR-101 OR WR-121.
      WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing 
      WR-121 English Composition 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • BI-204 Elementary Microbiology 
      MTH-082C Wastewater Math II 
      MTH-082D Waterworks Math II 
      WET-120 Wastewater Operations II 
      WET-121 Waterworks Operations II 
      WET-122 Water Distribution/Wastewater Collection 
      WET-123 Environmental Chemistry I 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • CS-120 Survey of Computing 
      WET-130 Wastewater Operations III 
      WET-131 Water Treatment 
      WET-132 Collection & Distribution Lab 
      WET-134 Environmental Chemistry II 
      • TAKE 5 CREDITS OF WET-180.
      WET-180 Water & Environmental Projects I 

    Human Relations Requirement

    • Complete the following requirement.

      ANT-102 Archaeology & Prehistory 
      ANT-103 Cultural Anthropology 
      BA-285 Human Relations in Business 
      ED-258 Multicultural Education 
      HST-101 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-102 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-103 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-201 History of the United States 
      HST-202 History of the United States 
      HST-203 History of the United States 
      PS-203 U.S. Government: State & Local Institutions 
      PS-205 International Relations 
      PSY-101 Human Relations 
      PSY-110 Psychology: An Overview 
      PSY-200 Psychology As A Natural Science 
      PSY-205 Psychology As a Social Science 
      PSY-214 Introduction to Personality 
      PSY-215 Introduction to Developmental Psychology 
      PSY-219 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 
      PSY-221 Introduction to Counseling 
      PSY-231 Introduction to Human Sexuality 
      PSY-240 Interpersonal Awareness & Growth 
      SOC-204 Introduction to Sociology 
      SOC-205 Social Stratification & Social Systems 
      SOC-206 Institutions & Social Change 
      SOC-225 Social Problems 
      COMM-100 Basic Speech Communication 
      COMM-105 Listening 
      COMM-112 Persuasive Speaking 
      COMM-126 Communication Between the Sexes 
      COMM-140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 
      COMM-218 Interpersonal Communication 
      COMM-227 Nonverbal Communication 



  • Contact our Water and Environmental Technology Department

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Call us: 503-594-3345

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