• Welding Technology

    Professional Upgrade


    This program prepares students for entry into these industries: fabricated structural metal products, motor vehicles and equipment, construction and heavy construction, transportation equipment, ship and boat building and repair, aircraft and parts, self-employment and miscellaneous fabricated metal products.

    CCC’s welding instructors are American Welding Society (AWS) certified professionals. The program’s curriculum is based on the AWS national standard for entry level welders.

    Course work focuses on the knowledge and skills to perform:

    • Fillet welds and groove welds using:
      • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
      • Gas-metal arc welding (GMAW)
      • Flux-core arc welding (FCAW)
      • Gas-tungsten arc welding (GTAW)
      • Steel, stainless steel and aluminum
      • A variety of different electrodes
    • Plasma arc cutting (PAC), air carbon arc cutting (CAC-A) and gouging, manual and automatic oxy-fuel cutting (OFC and OFC-Track Burner) processes
    • Knowledge of materials science and welding theory
    • Print reading, inspection, quality, safety and shop practices
    • Fabrication techniques, including job cost calculations, layout, sketching, bills of material, fitting and cutting welding applied to real projects designed by industry partners

    Program Outcomes

    Program outcomes include the skills necessary for entrylevel employment in large, medium and small employers in the industries listed above as trained welders, flame and plasma cutters, fabricators, fitters and welding machine operators. Welders can advance to more skilled jobs with additional training and experience, such as technicians, supervisors, inspectors or instructors.


    Career opportunities include welding, fabrication, construction, production welding, CNC cutting machine operation and sheet metal.

    Short-term Training

    For students who need a quick-entry strategy into the work force, an individualized education and employment plan can be created that concentrates the knowledge and skills necessary to start or change a career path. Please see a faculty advisor for more information.

    For information contact Paul Wanner, 503-594-3387 or paulw@clackamas.edu or the Applied Technology Department, 503-594-3064.

    Welding Technology

    • Complete the following requirements:

    • MFG-107 Industrial Safety & First Aid
      • TAKE MTH-050 OR MTH-065.
      MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I 
      MTH-065 Algebra II 
      WLD-100 Welders Print Reading I 
    • Complete WLD-111 or BOTH WLD-111A and WLD-111B.

      • Complete WLD-111.
      WLD-111 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick) 
      • Or complete both WLD-111A and WLD-111B.
      WLD-111A Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick) 
      WLD-111B Shielded Metal Arc Welding(Stick) 
    • Complete the following requirements:

    • MFG-109 Computer Literacy for Technicians 
      WLD-112 Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding Pre-Pipe Welding 
      WLD-200 Welders Print Reading II 
      • TAKE WR-101 OR WR-121.
      WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing 
      WR-121 English Composition 
    • Complete WLD-113 or BOTH WLD-113A and WLD-113B.

      • Complete WLD-113.
      WLD-113 Gas Metal Arc Welding/Flux-Cored Arc Metal (Wirefeed) 
      • OR complete both WLD-113A and WLD-113B.
      WLD-113A Gas Metal Arc Welding/Flux-Cored Arc Welding (Wirefeed) 
      WLD-113B Gas Metal Arc Welding/Flux-Cored Arc Welding (Wirefeed) 
    • Complete the following requirements:

    • MFG-221 Materials Science 
      WLD-110 Welder Certification 
      • TAKE 2 CREDITS OF WLD-280.
      WLD-280 Welding Technology/CWE 
    • Compete WLD-115 or BOTH WLD-115A and WLD-115B.

      • Complete WLD-115.
      WLD-115 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 
      • Or complete both WLD-115A and WLD-115B.
      WLD-115A Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 
      WLD-115B Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 

    Human Relations Requirement

    • Complete the following requirement.

      ANT-102 Archaeology & Prehistory 
      ANT-103 Cultural Anthropology 
      BA-285 Human Relations in Business 
      ED-258 Multicultural Education 
      HST-101 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-102 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-103 History of Western Civilization 
      HST-201 History of the United States 
      HST-202 History of the United States 
      HST-203 History of the United States 
      PS-203 U.S. Government: State & Local Institutions 
      PS-205 International Relations 
      PSY-101 Human Relations 
      PSY-110 Psychology: An Overview 
      PSY-200 Psychology As A Natural Science 
      PSY-205 Psychology As a Social Science 
      PSY-214 Introduction to Personality 
      PSY-215 Introduction to Developmental Psychology 
      PSY-219 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 
      PSY-221 Introduction to Counseling 
      PSY-231 Introduction to Human Sexuality 
      PSY-240 Interpersonal Awareness & Growth 
      SOC-204 Introduction to Sociology 
      SOC-205 Social Stratification & Social Systems 
      SOC-206 Institutions & Social Change 
      SOC-225 Social Problems 
      COMM-100 Basic Speech Communication 
      COMM-105 Listening 
      COMM-112 Persuasive Speaking 
      COMM-126 Communication Between the Sexes 
      COMM-140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 
      COMM-218 Interpersonal Communication 
      COMM-227 Nonverbal Communication 



  • Contact our Manufacturing Technology Department

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Call us: 503-594-3318

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