• Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

    Federal regulations require students receiving federal financial aid to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, as explained below, and be working toward a degree, certificate, or transfer program approved for financial aid and according to the Clackamas Community College catalog. All terms of attendance, including those in which Financial Aid was not received, are considered when determining your satisfactory academic progress. 

  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

    Financial Aid enrollment status
    • FULL-TIME = 12 or more credits
    • THREE QUARTER-TIME = 9-11credits
    • HALF-TIME = 6-8 credits
    • LESS THAN ½ TIME = 1-5 credits
    Determination of enrollment status
    • Your financial aid enrollment status will be based on your actual enrollment at the time of your first financial aid disbursement each term.
    Eligible credits hours
    • All credits that apply toward your degree, certificate, or transfer program.
    • If necessary, you may repeat a course if your grade is NP, F, W, I, X, or Y, or remedial (below the 100 level) courses funded by financial aid. These credits will be included in the 150% credit hour limit calculation.
    Non-eligible credit hours (these credits are not funded by financial aid)
    • Adult basic Education, GED, High School completion, credit for prior learning, Advanced College Credit, Community Education credits, course audits or credit from challenge exams.
    Grades, Completion requirement (Pace), and minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement
    • Satisfactory grades that are counted toward your completion requirement are A, B, C, D, and P. Grades that are NOT counted toward your completion requirement are: NP, I, X, W, Y and dropped classes. Audit course are not considered for federal financial aid. If you change a course which you were paid for to an audit it will be considered as not completed.
    • Students must maintain a cumulative completion rate (PACE) of at least 67% to remain eligible for federal financial aid. This means you must successfully complete at least 2/3 of the courses you take to be on pace to complete your degree or program.
    • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA each term and cumulatively. Failure to maintain a term and cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 has the same effect on your standing as completing less than the required credits for your enrollment status. Not maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA will result in immediate disqualification from eligibility for federal financial aid.
    Determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standing
    • Satisfactory academic progress will be determined at the end of each term based on your enrollment status, the number of credits you complete and your cumulative grade point average.
    • You are eligible for federal financial aid if your status is good standing, warning or conditional probation. You are NOT eligible if your status is disqualified
    When you are in good standing:
     Good StandingWarningDisqualified
    Full Time12 or more credits1 to 11credits0 credits
    ¾ Time 9 or more credits1 to 8 credits 0 credits
    Half Time6 or more credits1 to 5 credits 0 credits
    Less than ½ time1 or more credits---------- 0 credits

    When you are in warning:

     Good StandingWarningDisqualified
    Full Time12 or more credits---------- 0 to 11credits
    ¾ Time9 or more credits----------0 to 8 credits
    Half Time6 or more credits---------- 0 to 5 credits
    Less than ½ time----------1 to 5 credits0 credits

    To maintain eligibility, all students must meet the minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA and 67% pace requirement.

    Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) Process

    If you are in Disqualified status:

    • Disqualified students are not eligible for federal financial aid. A student may appeal by completing a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal form. Appeal forms are available online at www.clackamas.edu/forms. All forms must be complete and have all requested information attached at the time they are submitted. Incomplete appeals will not be considered by the Appeal Committee. The committee will not necessarily contact you about an incomplete appeal.
    • If your appeal is approved, your financial aid eligibility will be reinstated and you will be placed on Conditional Probation. Conditional Probation may have specific course or enrollment level requirements. Conditional Probation requirements are made on a case-by-case basis. No two students will necessarily have the same requirements.
    • If your appeal is denied, you must complete a term at CCC with your own resources, completing 6 credits or more successfully, and maintain or achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. The credits must be applicable to your degree and they cannot be remedial classes (i.e., Life and Career Options, ESL and Skills Development classes). If you meet the criteria you may submit an appeal form to have your financial aid reinstated. Paying for classes on your own will not guarantee the return of your financial aid eligibility.
    • All notices of appeal decisions are done by email to your myClackamas account and listed in the My Documents screen on myClackamas.
    Time-frame Limit

    You are expected to complete your degree, certificate or transfer program within a specific time-frame limit. This time frame is measured in credit hours. When you reach the time-frame (credit hour) limit, you will not be eligible for financial aid unless a Financial Aid Extension Appeal is submitted and approved. All attempted credits are counted toward your time-frame (credit hour) limit. This includes all courses for which you have received passing, non-passing, or audit grades, and courses recorded as withdrawals. Courses you drop after the add/drop period or courses that you stop attending are recorded as withdrawals.

    Please refer to your Clackamas Community Catalog issued the year you first began your program at CCC to determine your program’s minimum credits. Multiply the minimum credits by 150% to determine hour maximum timeframe (credit hour) limit.

    Example:Minimum Credits to Complete an AAOT:90 credits
     Multiply 90 credits by 150% 
     Maximum time frame to complete AAOT:135 credits

    Credits transferred from other colleges that are accepted by CCC toward your program of study are included in the calculation of your time-frame limit. All courses are counted regardless of whether you received financial aid when the courses were taken. Extension

    Extension Appeal Process

    If you have mitigating circumstances that have prevented you from completing your degree, certificate or transfer program within the established time-frame limit, or you have decided to change majors and the additional credits for your new major will place you in excess of the 150% time-frame limit, you may complete a Financial Aid Extension Request form.

    Forms are available online at www.clackamas.edu/forms. Financial Aid Extension Requests are reviewed by the Financial Aid Extension Request Committee. Decisions made by the Committee, after review by the Financial Aid Director, are final.

    Repayment of Federal Financial Aid
    Students who withdraw, drop out, stop attending classes, or otherwise fail to complete the period of enrollment for which they receive financial aid funds are subject to federal financial aid repayment/refund regulations. If you received your financial aid but did not successfully complete any credits for the term, you may be required to return all or a portion of your financial aid to the school (or the Department of Education). If your repayment is reported to the Department of Education, you may not be eligible to receive federal financial aid from any institution until the amount is repaid in full.
  • It is highly recommended that you consult with an academic advisor for appropriate courses to achieve your degree, certificate or transfer Program requirements. You can contact advising at http://depts.clackamas.edu/advising.

    For further information or clarification, including degrees and certificates that qualify for Financial Aid, please refer to the Eligible Degree List.

  • Contact our Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Email us: finaid@clackamas.edu

    Call us: 503-594-6100

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