‘Philadelphia Story’ Actress Stalks Elusive Grizzly on ‘The Hunt’

Article by: Janet Paulson

 OREGON CITY - Actress Hillarie Putnam plays spoiled socialite Tracy Lord in the Clackamas Repertory Theatre season opener "The Philadelphia Story." The Lord character, which was written for Katherine Hepburn, was a marksman. In real life, Putnam is an expert with a firearm.

Originally from Wasilla, Alaska, Putnam spent the last several years in Los Angeles appearing in film, television, commercials and modeling. She also has considerable stage experience. But her most recent project is "The Hunt," an eight episode series for the History Channel that started June 8. The series follows a select group of hunters on rugged Kodiak Island as they head into the wilderness for the ultimate test against the elements and the largest land predator on Earth-the Kodiak brown bear.

The Kodiak brown bear is one of the world's most praised large-game animals due to their keen sense of smell and impeccable intelligence. However, it is a highly regulated "trophy" hunt, in which the Fish and Game awards only a few tags to sustain the animal population on the island.

Putnam drew one of the hunting tags and headed out into the wild with her father armed with two 50-caliber muzzleloaders. The weapons are considered a primitive weapon and require the hunter to get closer, have better aim and know the best way to land a killing shot, as only one bullet can be loaded into the gun at a time.

The series followed them out on the island for 15 days on the hunt. Throughout the hunt they encountered other animals, extreme hikes, crazy weather, and some unexpected twists. It is very much a "coming of age" story as time winds down to land the bear and Putnam is left out on her own in big bear country. Tune in at 10 p.m. Sundays to find out how she does.

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