• First-Year Experience

    Find your success with First-Year Experience - Develop your academic skills, explore college resources and build relationships!

  • First-Year Experience (FYE) 101 is a two-credit course designed to help new CCC students succeed in college by developing education and career goals. FYE-102 is a one-credit course that concentrates on career planning, funding college, resources, and academic support, while FYE-103 is a one-credit course designed to help students prepare for their future, including transferring to another school, searching for employment, develop test taking skills and more.

    FYE-101, 102, and 103 are all helpful for anyone who is adjusting to a new transition in life and wants help with their educational or professional development. Note that you must complete FYE-101 to enroll into FYE-102, and FYE-102 to enroll in FYE-103. Each course costs $50.

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  • 5 great reasons to take FYE:

    • Build relationships with students and faculty
    • Learn about CCC resources and services
    • Gain confidence and get on track to graduate
    • Develop time and stress management skills
    • Set goals and develop an education path
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