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    We know one size does not fit all. And we know that you probably have a lot of questions and might not be sure where to start. As part of our commitment to help guide you towards success, we’ve created this page to give you the information you need to get you on your way.

    First, we need to know a little bit more about you, so take a look at the links below.  

  • What do you want to do?

    Earn a Certificate or Degree

    Is your goal a four-year degree or beyond? Begin your college career at Clackamas Community College. You’ll earn the same college credits you would at a university for a fraction of the cost. Our classes are smaller, so you’ll experience quality interaction with your instructors.

    Are you looking for a degree or certificate program to prepare you for a skilled profession? Start at CCC. We offer more than 80 Career Technical Programs in some of the most in-demand career fields, designed to get you job-ready in two years or less.

    If you'd like to complete an application now, check out the applying to CCC page.

    Take a Class for Personal Enrichment
    Explore your passions and interests through Community Education at Clackamas Community College. CCC offers a variety of adult and Continuing Education programs at more than 100 locations throughout the college district. Our community-based programs are scheduled at convenient times and locations.
    Prepare for College

     Completing high school and building key skills can be the first step to getting ahead in a job or helping your children with their homework. And at CCC, we provide classes to fit your personal needs and schedule. We offer basic skills development and classes to help you complete high school at a variety of convenient community locations.

    If you'd like to complete an application now, check out the applying to CCC page.

    Grow Your Business or Job Skills

    Clackamas Community College is an important player in the health of the regional economy. We provide services that help people get a job or advance in a current job through our Workforce Services. We help business stay competitive through customized training programs. And we support entrepreneurs and small business owners through our Small Business Development Center.

    If you'd like to complete an application now, check out the applying to CCC page.

  • You can’t start college without money

    Visit our Financial Aid Scholarship Information Center to learn about scholarships and paying for college. 

  •  Guide Me

    Still not sure?

    Some of our students have unique needs, and won't find the information they are seeking here. Feel free to give us a call, and we'll be happy to help you get started.

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