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    Let's face it — cubicle life is not for everyone

  • Love the idea of working outside in a growing, hands-on field? If you're looking for a career that combines art and science, as well as a balance between physical and intellectual work, CCC offers four areas of plant study that can get you out of the office and in contact with nature. CCC's horticulture department includes arboriculture, horticulture, landscape and organic farming programs. Students may begin any term!

    Interested? Contact April Chastain, Horticulture Department Advisor, at 503-594-3055 or april.chastain@clackamas.edu.

    Horticulture Club Annual Plant Sale is Friday May 12th, 2017 from Noon-5pm, near Clairmont Hall at Oregon City campus.

  • Aboriculture

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    What is it? Do you love working with trees? The Arboriculture AAS degree will prepare you for positions in exciting jobs like tree climbing, pruning and plant health care management.

    Areas of Study Tree diagnosis, aerial treework, plant health care, pruning, intergrated pest management. Learn more about our classes.



  • Horticulture

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    Prepare yourself with a broad range of skills for a career working in the art, science, technology or business of growing and caring for plants.

    Areas of Study
    Perennial plants, greenhouse crops, herb growing, nursery management, garden design, turf grass, propagation.
    Learn more about our classes.


    • Nursery or garden center manager
    • Nursery production
    • Greenhouse grower
    • Supply and equipment sales
    • Plant propagator
    • Plant heath technician

    Degree / Certificate

  • Landscaping

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    As a professional in this industry, you'll work to improve the health, function and physical appearance of green living spaces throughout the community.

    Areas of Study
    Water features, landscape lighting, arboriculture, equipment operation, plant identification, soils
    Learn more about our classes.


    Degree / Certificate

  • Organic Farming

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  • Program Details

    What is it? Farming offers a rewarding path for people with a passion for environmental stewardship, locally grown food, global nutrition, food security and working in the great outdoors. Farmers are entrepreneurs, innovators, idealists and community leaders.

    Areas of study: Fruit and berry growing, farm equipment, organic farming and gardening, propagation of edibles. Learn more about our classes.


    • Farm operation and management
    • Community garden manager
    • Farmer's market manager
    • School garden or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm operator


  • nalp logo Our Horticulture programs are accredited by the National Association of Landscape Professionals - NALP (formerly PLANET). It is the only nationally recognized endorsement offered to colleges with landscape/horticulture curricula. It is designed to recognize schools with landscape contracting curricula that meet or exceed industry standards. Visit the NALP web site

    Contact April Chastain, Horticulture Department Advisor, at 503-594-3055 or april.chastain@clackamas.edu

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