• Placement Testing

     Health students 03The Testing Center, located in Roger Rook Hall on the Oregon City campus. Our experienced staff provides many types of testing services to current students, future students and the community. Placement Testing is also available at our Harmony and Wilsonville campuses.

    It's important to study before taking your placement tests. Reviewing key concepts will refresh your memory, and help you get into the most appropriate class for your skill level. Review the following document for test preparation tips:

    Test Prep Handout 

    Photo ID is required when testing or picking up test records.

  • Placement Testing Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a placement assessment cost?
    Placement testing is free for C.C.C. students.  All students taking the placement tests must have a valid C.C.C. ID number.  Non C.C.C. students may take the tests but must pay a $25 proctoring fee.
    Do I need an appointment?

     No, you do not need an appointment, but you do need to come in during testing hours. You are welcome to call to verify hours before coming in.

    • Oregon City Campus: (503) 594-3283
    • Harmony Campus: (503) 594-0636
    • Wilsonville Campus: (503) 594-0944
    Do I need to take a placement assessment?

    If you have already taken a reading, writing, or math class at a college or university, or if you have received advanced college credit for a reading, writing, or math class, you do not need to take a placement test in that area. If you took the class at a school other than CCC, just bring in an unofficial transcript when meeting with an advisor. 

    If you have taken the SAT or ACT, you may be able to use those scores to place into writing and math classes. To see if your scores would qualify, use our SAT/ACT placement conversion chart. Even if you have qualifying SAT or ACT scores, you are welcome to take a placement test to get an up-to-date placement.

    Which placement test does CCC use?

    The short answer is that CCC uses the COMPASS placement test, along with some other tests for special purposes. Here are the details:

    Writing placement: COMPASS computer-based multiple-choice test. It takes about 30 minutes on average, but it is not timed. Here are some links to sample questions and practice information:

    Sample Writing Questions  

    Grammar Practice  

    Students who speak English as a second language and who are placed into ABE (Adult Basic Education) with the COMPASS test will be asked to try the CASAS Functional Writing Assessment. This is a 30 minute assessment where the student writes an essay based on a picture prompt. The CASAS FWA is offered through the ESL department: 503-594-3234

    Reading placement: COMPASS computer-based multiple-choice test. It takes about 30 minutes on average, but it is not timed. Here is a link to some sample reading questions.  

    Math placement: COMPASS computer-based test.  We will provide you with an approved calculator. The test is adaptive so average completion times can vary.  Here are links to some sample questions, and a place to brush up on your math skills:

    Sample COMPASS Math Questions  

    Math Practice (www.math.com) Look at the column to the left of the page for study topics. Be sure to study basic math, pre-algebra, and algebra.

    Computer Skill placement is an internally-developed computer-based test. This exam is used to determine placement into CS courses, and can also meet the computer literacy requirement for some programs (other prerequisites may apply). The assessment covers a wide variety of computer knowedge skills.  Students do not receive any credit for taking this exam, and is not reflected on transcripts.

    • Score of 10-44: Placement in CS 090
    • Score of 45-71: Placement in CS 120
    • Score of 72-80: Placement in CS 121 (not offered every term) or BA 131

    Applicants to the nursing program must earn a minimum score of 62 on this exam.

    DISABILITY RESOURCES: If you have a disability that prevents you from being able to meet your full potential when taking the placement test on a computer or if you have limited computer skills, we are happy to provide the ASSET paper-based placement test for reading, writing, and math. Please call to make an appointment 503-594-3283.

    How close did I come to placing into a higher class?
    You are welcome to compare your scores to our placement chart.
    How can I take the placement test if I don't live in the area?

    Go to: http://www.act.org/compass/sites/index.html and type in your zip code.

    The site will list schools in your area that can proctor our placement test. It also lists how much the fee is for that school to proctor the test. Once you have decided where you would like to take the test, send an email to testing@clackamas.edu including the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your student ID number
    • Your DOB
    • Your mailing address
    • Your Email address
    • Your phone number
    • School where you want to take the test

    We will set up your remote test, and you will receive an email with directions about how to go about testing. When your test is complete, your scores will automatically be uploaded to our database.

  • Contact our Testing Department

    Oregon City - 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

    Email us: testing@clackamas.edu

    Call us: 503-594-3283