• Clinical Laboratory Assistant


    Program code: CC.CLINABASST

    Clinical laboratory assistants serve a diverse ancillary role assisting other laboratory personnel, physicians and patients. Their duties may include data entry, laboratory billing practices, and the performance of waived testing according to standard operating procedures. Students are trained in all aspects of medical laboratory support personnel, including phlebotomy, specimen processing, quality control, laboratory orientation, and regulation. Students will participate in unpaid, supervised externships in ambulatory or acute care laboratory settings. See website below for Program mission statement.

    The CCC Clinical Laboratory Assistant (CLA) program is approved through the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS), 5600 N River Rd, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL, 60018, 773-714-8880, www.naacls.org


    Students who wish to apply to the CLA program are welcome to apply for our fall cohort. The CLA applications may be downloaded from our website.

    To determine the availability of applications and the appropriate deadlines for each cohort, please visit the Health Sciences website: www.clackamas.edu/Programs/ClinicalLaboratory-Assistant.aspx

    Applicants are advised that a high level of dexterity, the ability to multi-task, and a high degree of attention to detail are required for the successful completion of this program. For a complete list of Essential Functions please visit the above website.

    During the application process, CLA applicants must:

    • Meet appropriate placement scores in reading, writing, and math by either taking the placement exams or by providing proof of comparable assessment. The CLA program accepts competencies in writing, math, and reading as measured by CCC placement assessments dated no earlier than 2003, or previous college coursework as documented on official college transcripts. To be eligible to apply, students must show placement by: 1) passing WR-095 or placement in WR-101; 2) passing RD-090 or placement in RD-115.
    • Have completed MA-110 Medical Terminology, and MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I or MTH-065 Algebra II. Curriculum prerequisites and requirements may be subject to change. In order to assure students have the most current information, please review the department website.
    • Provide; 1) proof of a recent physical examination by a licensed healthcare provider, 2) required immunizations, 3) a current AHA or ASHI Healthcare Provider CPR, First Aid card, and complete a criminal history background check and drug testing as arranged by the Health Sciences department. Students may also be subject to a second drug and criminal screen just prior to clinical placement depending on clinical site requirements.

    CLA students will be required to participate in unpaid, supervised externships in ambulatory or acute care laboratory settings. For a list of community partners, please visit the website.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate the ability to serve in an entry-level role as a clinical laboratory assistant,
    • demonstrate proficiency in all types in blood collection techniques,
    • understand and apply all laboratory regulations, standard operating procedures, Health and safety issues, and Quality Assurance;
    • understand the roles of all laboratory personnel,
    • demonstrate knowledge of health care delivery model and how clinical laboratories are an integrated part of patient care,
    • successfully pass the Clinical Laboratory Assistant/Phlebotomy entry-level certification examinations.


    Application packets with admission procedures and requirements are available online: www.clackamas.edu/Programs/Clinical-Laboratory-Assistant.aspx


    Career opportunities may include but are not limited to phlebotomist, laboratory specimen processor, waived testing analyzer, medical research assistant and physician office laboratory assistant.

    For continuing education opportunities for healthcare providers see Healthcare Professional Development (HPD) in the course description section on page 210.


    Admission to Oregon Tech is not guaranteed. Students must apply for admission to Oregon Tech in accordance with the then-existing rules, policies and procedures of Oregon Tech. Students are responsible for notifying the Oregon Tech Admissions and Registrar’s Office when operating under an articulation agreement to ensure their credits transfer as outlined in this agreement. In order to utilize this agreement, students must be attending Clackamas Community College during the above catalog year. Students must enroll at Oregon Tech within three years of this approval. To transfer CCC’s Business AAS degree to Oregon Tech, students must have been enrolled at CCC in 2016-17 and they must transfer to Oregon Tech before or during 2019-20.

    For more information, contact: health-sciences-questions@clackamas.edu


    The following prerequisites must be completed prior to the start of the student’s cohort. Curriculum prerequisites and requirements may change yearly. To see prerequisites or requirements, please review the department website.

    COURSE Credits

    MA-110 Medical Terminology 3

    MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I

    or MTH-065 Algebra II 3-4


    FALL TERM Credits

    BI-120* Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology 4

    CLA-100 Introduction to Healthcare 2

    CLA-101 Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills I 3

    CLA-101L Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills I Lab 1

    CLA-118 Phlebotomy for Clinical Laboratory Assistants 1

    CLA-118L Phlebotomy for Clinical Laboratory Assistants Lab 1

    WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

    or WR-121 English Composition 3-4

    WINTER TERM Credits

    CLA-102 Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills II 3

    CLA-102L Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills II Lab 1

    CLA-115 Laboratory Administrative Skills 2

    CLA-119 Phlebotomy/Laboratory Practicum I 3

    CLA-130 Specimen Collection 1

    CS-120 Survey of Computing 4

    SPRING TERM Credits

    CLA-103 Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills III 3

    CLA-103L Clinical Laboratory Assistant Skills III Lab 1

    CLA-120 Phlebotomy/Laboratory Practicum II 4

    CLA-125 Introduction to Clinical Research 2

    COMM-100** Basic Speech Communication

    or COMM-111 Public Speaking

    or COMM-218 Interpersonal Communication 3-4

    PSY-101 Human Relations 3

    Credits required for certificate 51-54

    *Additional options to meet biology requirement: pass with C or better BI-101 & BI-102 or successfully complete the entire BI-231, BI-232, BI-233, Anatomy & Physiology series.

    Current First Aid card and Healthcare Provider level CPR (AHA or ASHI) card are required during practicums and must be taken prior to the first term practicum. All CLA students will be required to complete a criminal history background, provide proof of immunization, and take a drug test.

    Note: All clinical practicum courses are Pass/No Pass. CLA-130 may be taken for either a letter grade or pass/no pass option. All other courses are letter grades only and must be passed with a C grade or better in order to continue to the next term.

    Core curriculum is sequential and may not be taken out of order, with the exception of CLA-100 which may be taken prior to beginning the program. Curriculum is intended to be completed in one academic year.

    Individuals who have been found guilty of a felony or pleaded guilty to a felony may not be eligible for clinical practicum placement or be eligible to take the National exams.

    Information from the 2016-2017 catalog.

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