• Accounting

    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    Program code: AAS.ACCNTG

    The Accounting program at Clackamas Community College emphasizes developing an advanced understanding of accounting principles, analytical skills and the capacity to solve problems. Students should have the ability to reason, read with comprehension and compute math applications.

    The program is not designed to lead to a traditional four-year business administration degree. For students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the Accounting Associate of Applied Science articulates to a Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology and Management at Oregon Tech.

    For information contact Michael Moiso, 503-594-3770 or mmoiso@clackamas.edu


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • accurately analyze, journalize, and adjust accounting transactions and closing entries;
    • accurately analyze and interpret basic financial statements, • accurately prepare basic budgets,
    • identify and explain the basics of general fund accounting as used in municipal governments,
    • identify and explain basic tax concepts with regard to individuals, partnerships, and corporations;
    • identify and explain the issues and objectives auditors face during the audit of financial statements,
    • accurately prepare product cost sheets in order to price manufacture goods,
    • accurately prepare accounting records for a business entity using Quickbooks.


    Career opportunities include GS8 Accountant I, bookkeeper, data-entry clerk, financial staff accountant, cost accountant and general office clerk.

    For information contact Michael Moiso, 503-594-3770 or mmoiso@clackamas.edu

    Accounting Associate of Applied Science Degree: 1st year

    FALL TERM Credits

    BA-101 Introduction to Business 4

    BA-104* Business Math 3

    BA-211 Financial Accounting I 4

    BA-226 Business Law I 4

    WR-121 English Composition 4

    WINTER TERM Credits

    BA-131 Introduction to Business Computing 4

    BA-156 Business Forecasting 3

    BA-177 Payroll Accounting 3

    BA-212 Financial Accounting II 4

    BA-251 Supervisory Management 3

    SPRING TERM Credits

    BA-205 Business Communications with Technology 4

    BA-213 Decision Making with Accounting Information 4

    BA-218 Personal Finance 4

    BA-285 Human Relations in Business 4

    Accounting Associate of Applied Science Degree: 2nd Year

    FALL TERM Credits

    BA-223 Principles of Marketing 4

    BA-256 Income Tax Accounting 3

    — — PE/Health/Safety/First Aid requirement (see page 82 of

    — — Any BA/BT course not already included in the Accounting AAS program 3

    WINTER TERM Credits

    BA-206 Management Fundamentals 4

    BA-216 Cost Accounting 3

    BA-222 Financial Management 3

    BA-227 Business Law II 4

    SPRING TERM Credits

    BA-217 Budgeting for Managers 3

    BA-225 Business Report Writing

    or WR-227 Technical Report Writing 3-4

    BA-228 Computerized Accounting 3

    BA-255 Advanced Topics in Accounting & Auditing 4

    BA-280 Business/CWE 3

    Credits required for degree 93-94

    * For this degree, BA-104 meets the Related Instruction Computation requirement.

    Information from the 2016-2017 catalog.

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