• Computer & Network Administration


    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    Program code: AAS.COMPNETADMIN

    The Computer & Network Administration program prepares students for technical support careers specializing in network administration and maintenance. Students may earn either a one-year Certificate of Completion or two-year Associate of Applied Science degree. The course work emphasizes development of analytical and problem-solving skills in addition to specific hardware and software configurations. Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) is supervised real-world employment that supplements the academic classroom environment.

    For students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the Computer & Network Administration Associate of Applied Science articulates to a Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology and Management at Oregon Tech.


    Prerequisites for first term classes include completed course work or placement out of BA-131 Introduction to Business Computing, WR-095 Paragraph to Essay and MTH-065 Algebra II. This is an open program. Students may take any class in the program for which they have completed the prerequisite.


    Computer & Network Administration AAS Degree

    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate all the program learning outcomes of the Computer & Network Administration Certificate.
    • operate, install, manage, and troubleshoot major server operating systems;
    • understand advanced network technologies and implement intricate internetwork infrastructures,
    • understand and demonstrate basic computer and network security principles,
    • develop, implement, and document an integrated information systems project;
    • communicate the importance of professional and ethical responsibilities and be aware of codes of conduct and other sources of guidance for professionally ethical decision making,
    • articulate and justify technical solutions to an audience through oral, written, and graphical communication.


    Computer & Network Administration Certificate Degree

    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • explain basic troubleshooting processes and procedures from initial diagnosis to final documentation and reporting,
    • explain and demonstrate how to interact and communicate effectively with people of different technical backgrounds and professional positions,
    • operate, install, manage, and troubleshoot major desktop operating systems;
    • identify, install, and troubleshoot computer and network hardware components,
    • understand fundamental network technologies and implement a basic local area network,
    • exhibit good teamwork skills and serve as effective members of project teams.


    Career opportunities include network specialist, computer service technician, field engineer, customer service engineer, computer technician, and PC/LAN support specialist.

    For information contact Rich Albers, 503-594-3166, or richa@clackamas.edu; Debra Carino, 503-594-3170 or dcarino@clackamas.edu; Rick Carino, 503-594-3167 or rcarino@clackamas.edu; Jen Miller, 503-594-31318, or jen.miller@clackamas.edu

    computer & Network Administration CERTIFICATE

    FALL TERM Credits

    CS-140 Introduction to Operating Systems 4

    CS-150 Computer Technician Orientation 3

    CS-225 Computer End-User Support 3

    CS-227 Computer Hardware & Repair 4

    WINTER TERM Credits

    CS-179 Networking I 3

    CS-228 Computer OS Maintenance & Repair 4

    CS-240W Windows Desktop Administration 3

    WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

    or WR-121 English Composition 3-4

    SPRING TERM Credits

    CS-229 Networking II 4

    CS-240L Linux Administration 4

    CS-279W Windows Server Administration 4

    SUMMER TERM Credits

    CS-125H HTML & Web Site Design 3

    CS-280 Computer Science/CWE 3

    — — Computation requirement (see page 82 of

    — — Human Relations requirement (see page 82 of

    Credits required for certificate 51-53

    computer & Network Administration ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEGREE: 1ST YEAR

    Complete certificate program

    computer & Network Administration ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEGREE: 2ND YEAR

    FALL TERM Credits

    CS-135DB Microsoft Access 3

    CS-280 Computer Science/CWE 3

    — — Computer & Network Administration program elective 6-8

    — — PE/Health/Safety/First Aid requirement (see page 82 of

    WINTER TERM Credits

    CS-240M MacOS Administration 3

    CS-275 Database Design 3

    CS-284 Network Security 3

    CS-288W Windows Network Administration 4

    SPRING TERM Credits

    CS-280 Computer Science/CWE 3

    CS-289 Web Server Administration 4

    CS-297N Network Capstone 4

    — — Computer & Network Administration program elective 3-4

    Credits required for degree 91-96

    Computer & Network Administration PROGRAM ELECTIVES

    Complete 9-12 credits from the following:

    COURSE Credits

    BA-101 Introduction to Business

    or BA-103 Business Strategies for Computer Consultants

    or BA-120 Project Management Fundamentals 3-4

    BA-131 Introduction to Business Computing 4

    BT-177 Microsoft Project 3

    — — Any computer science course numbered CS-125 or higher 3-4

    Note: Students may not take more than six credits of CWE in any one term.

    Information from the 2016-2017 catalog.

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