• Nursing Assistant

    Being a certified nursing assistant can be a fulfilling, life-long vocation or the first step in your health care career.

    Registration Information:

    Attendance of a Mandatory Orientation on the Harmony Campus is required in order to receive information on the steps needed to start the registration process in this limited entry program.

    For more information visit this website http://www.clackamas.edu/HealthSciences/NursingAssistant/Orientation/ or email HealthSciences@clackamas.edu.

    Nursing Assistant 1 (CNA 1)

    Clackamas Community College nursing assistant program provides the student with the skills to perform basic level nursing care. Certified Nursing Assistants are defined by law as people who assist licensed nursing personnel in the provision of nursing care.  Content includes: introduction to health care facilities, communication, basic body structure and function, patient needs, preventing infection, body mechanics, and much more.  This course is approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

    This course is offered every term.  Class times may very term to term. This one-term course consists of 150 hours of contact hours including 75 hours of lecture and lab and 75 hours of clinical experience. Clinical hours begin the 6th week of the course and are normally done at local Long Term Care Centers. Approximate length of the course is 11 weeks.

    Upon successful completion of this 7 credit class, students may apply for the Oregon State Board of Nursing certification exam for nursing assistants (CNA 1).

    The cost of the course will include pre-registration requirements such as Criminal background check, American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Professionals, immunizations and UA drug screen. In addition to tuition and course fees required costs include textbooks and equipment.

    CNA 2-Acute Care Training

    The Health Sciences Department will not be offering the CNA 2 course for the next couple of terms. If you're still interested next year please check back in fall to see if we will be offering it during winter term 2018.

    This course is designed to prepare students to perform routine and acute nursing assistant tasks to clients in the following venues: hospital, long-term and skilled nursing care facilities and the community. Instruction incorporates concepts of safety and preventing complications, communicating client responses to the nurse, and documenting/recording outcomes of client care. By Oregon state Board of Nursing regulations, the course is restricted to those who hold a current, unencumbered Oregon CNA 1 license and have their name listed on the CNA Registry.  Also you must be able to demonstrate proficiency in CNA 1 skills during lab sessions. This course meets the minimum state requirements with 42 hours of lecture/lab instruction as well as 30 hours of clinical experience.

    This course is offered winter and summer terms and students must attend the mandatory orientation;   in order to receive information on the steps needed to start the registration process in this limited entry program. For more information emailHealthSciences@clackamas.edu .



  • Nursing Assistant (NUR)

    NUR-101: Certified Nursing Assistant 2 Acute Care

    [ Not Offered Every Year | 3 - credits ]

    This course prepares the student to perform routine nursing assistant tasks that are needed in acute care setting. The Oregon State Board of Nursing requires a minimum of 42 hours of classroom and lab. This course will consist of 21 hours of lecture and 21 hours of lab. May not be challenged. Co-requisite: NUR-101C. Required: Student Petition.

    NUR-160: Fluid and Electrolytes

    [ Winter Term | 2 - credits ]

    Focus of this course is to assist students in the understanding of fluid, electrolytes, acid-base balances and the interpretation of various diagnostic tests related to the client's clinical condition. Limited to healthcare professionals/healthcare students.

    NUR-217: Basic EKG Interpretation I

    [ Spring Term | 1 - credits ]

    Presents the student with an introductory overview related to the anatomy and physiology of the heart. It also explores normal electrical conduction as well as common variations as evidenced by changes in the waveform on the cardiac monitoring device. The course will also focus on the student's ability to perform cardiac monitoring via 3, 5 and 12 lead monitoring devices.

    NUR-218: Basic EKG Interpretation II

    [ Spring Term | 1 - credits ]

    This course builds upon the knowledge gained in NUR-217. The course will focus on the student's ability to understand and recognize variations in the electrical conduction of the heart as evidenced by changes on the 12-lead EKG. The course will encompass the recognition and treatment modalities of sinus, atrial, junctional and ventricular rhythms as well as heart block. Recognition and treatment of electrical conduction problems related to ischemia, injury and drug/electrolyte imbalances will also be discussed.

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