• Dental Assistant Program Applications for the 2014-15 academic year are now available.

    Dental Assistant Certificate

    The Dental Assistant (DA) program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the dental care setting. The goal of the program is to graduate students that have demonstrated competencies in clinical and administrative practices as well as demonstrated work ethics and professional values consistent with that of the American Dental Association (ADA).

    Program Requirements and Prerequisites

    This limited entry program requires the applicant to meet the program requirements prior to being formally admitted into the program. The requirements are to be completed in a four-phase process, with specific timelines for each phase. Information regarding specific requirements and timelines are located at http://www.clackamas.edu/Programs/Dental-Assistant.aspx  

    The applicant must follow all steps to be invited to continue through each phase of the admission process, with the final phase resulting in the opportunity to be invited for admission. The following is a general outline of the DA requirements; please refer to the most current application for additional information.

    Phase 1:

    • Completed Dental Assistant program application.
    • Placement assessments: Competency in writing, math, and reading as measured by CCC placement assessment scores. Students must either pass WR-095 or place into WR-121; pass MTH-060 or place into MTH-065; and pass RD-090 or place into RD-115 to be eligible to apply or show previous college coursework as documented on official college transcripts. Placements dated no earlier than 2003 will be accepted. Placement testing may be scheduled through the Harmony Campus Testing Center, 503-594-0636; or the main campus Testing Center, 503-594-3283.
    • Non-refundable application fee.
    • Only completed application packets will be processed allowing applicants to advance to Phase 2.

    Phase 2:

    • Handwritten essay.

    Phase 3:

    • Criminal history background check.
    • Urine drug/alcohol screen (UDS).
    • Candidates are required to pass the criminal history background check & urine drug/alcohol screen.
    • DA students will be required to repeat the background check and UDS at their own expense within 30 days of practicum.

    Phase 4:

    • Health and Physical Exam form.
    • Proof of all immunizations.
    • Current Tuberculin skin test (PPD) or negative chest xray results.
    • Current American Heart Association, Health Provider CPR certification.
    • Job Shadow (minimum 8 hours) in a dental setting.
    • Letter of recommendation.

    Admissions ReVieW Phase:

    • Notice of admission decision.

    DA students will participate in unpaid, supervised externships in the dental care setting.

    Program Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of the program, students should be eligible to take the necessary exams offered through the Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) and the Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD). Students will be prepared for entry level employment as a dental assistant.


    Career opportunities may include but are not limited to managed care facilities, private dental practices, state and county clinics, dental schools and the insurance industry.

    Application packets with admission procedures and requirements are available online at http://www.clackamas.edu/Programs/Dental-Assistant.aspx  

    For continuing education opportunities for healthcare providers see Healthcare Professional Development (HPD) in the course description section on page 178.

    For more information, contact: health-sciences-questions@clackamas.edu  

    Dental Assistant

    • Complete the following requirements.

    • DA-101 Dental Radiology I 
      DA-104 Clinical Procedures I 
      DA-107 Dental Materials I 
      DA-110 Clinical Practicum I 
      DA-115 Dental Science 
      DA-125 Dental Infection Control 
      • TAKE WR-101 OR WR-121.
      WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing 
      WR-121 English Composition 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • CS-120 Survey of Computing 
      DA-102 Dental Radiology II 
      DA-105 Clinical Procedures II 
      DA-108 Dental Materials II 
      DA-120 Clinical Practicum II 
      DA-135 Pharmacology/Medical Emergencies 
    • Complete the following requirements.

    • DA-106 Clinical Procedures III 
      DA-130 Clinical Practicum III 
      DA-145 Dental Office Procedures 
      PSY-101 Human Relations 
      • TAKE MTH-050 OR MTH-065.
      MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I 
      MTH-065 Algebra II 

    Dental Assistant CPR

    • Current CPR for Healthcare Providers is required during practicums.

    • NUR-008 Nursing Special Courses 
  • Contact our Health Sciences Department

    Harmony Campus - 7738 S.E. Harmony Road, Milwaukie, Oregon 97222

    Call us: 503-594-0650

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