• Dental Assistant


    Program code: CC.DENTALASST

    The Dental Assistant (DA) program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the dental care setting. The goal of the program is to graduate students that have demonstrated competencies in clinical and administrative practices as well as demonstrated work ethics and professional values consistent with that of the American Dental Association (ADA).


    This limited entry program requires the applicant to meet the program requirements prior to being formally admitted into the program. The requirements are to be completed in a four-phase process, with specific timelines for each phase. Information regarding specific requirements and timelines are located at www.clackamas.edu/healthSciences/

    The applicant must follow all steps to be invited to continue through each phase of the admission process, with the final phase resulting in the opportunity to be invited for admission.

    DA students will participate in unpaid, supervised externships in the dental care setting.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate competencies in dental procedures to provide dental care,
    • apply current knowledge of aseptic procedures when delivering dental care,
    • demonstrate basic competencies in dental administrative practices,
    • utilize dental materials for specific dental procedures,
    • demonstrate mastery of EFDA skills to obtain certification,
    • produce diagnostic quality radiographs,
    • identify and practice all OSHA policies designed to provide employee protection.


    Career opportunities may include but are not limited to managed care facilities, private dental practices, state and county clinics, dental schools and the insurance industry.

    Application packets with admission procedures and requirements are available online at: www.clackamas.edu/HealthSciences/DentalAssistant/

    For continuing education opportunities for healthcare providers see Healthcare Professional Development (HPD) in the course description section on page 205.

    For more information, contact: health-sciences-questions@clackamas.edu


    FIRST TERM Credits

    DA-101 Dental Radiology I 2

    DA-101L Dental Radiology I Lab 1

    DA-104 Clinical Procedures I 2

    DA-104L Clinical Procedures I Lab 1

    DA-107 Dental Materials I 2

    DA-107L Dental Materials I Lab 1

    DA-110 Clinical Practicum I 1

    DA-115 Dental Science 2

    DA-125 Dental Infection Control 2

    WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

    or WR-121 English Composition 3-4

    SECOND TERM Credits

    CS-120 Survey of Computing 4

    DA-102 Dental Radiology II 2

    DA-102L Dental Radiology II Lab 1

    DA-105 Clinical Procedures II 2

    DA-105L Clinical Procedures II Lab 1

    DA-108 Dental Materials II 2

    DA-108L Dental Materials II Lab 1

    DA-120 Clinical Practicum II 5

    THIRD TERM Credits

    DA-106 Clinical Procedures III 2

    DA-106L Clinical Procedures III Lab 1

    DA-130 Clinical Practicum III 8

    DA-135 Pharmacology/Medical Emergencies 2

    DA-145 Dental Office Procedures 2

    MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I

    or MTH-065 Algebra II 3-4

    PSY-101 Human Relations 3

    Credits required for certificate 56-58

    Dental lab schedules (am/pm) are based on lottery. Information will be provided at orientation.

    Current Healthcare Provider level CPR (AHA) and First Aid certification are required during practicums. All DA students will be required to complete a criminal history background, provide proof of immunization, and students will be asked to take a drug test as arranged by the department.

    Note: Students must achieve a C or higher grade in all required courses prior to advancing to the next term.

    Core curriculum is sequential and may not be taken out of order. Core curriculum is intended to be completed over three consecutive terms.

    Information from the 2015-2016 catalog.

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