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    Professional Upgrade


    Associate of Applied Science Degree


    The Water & Environmental Technology program provides career technical classes combined with field experience. Classes are offered in day/evening combinations and have enrollment limits to enhance instructional quality and job placement.

    Course work emphasizes fundamental aspects of drinking water distribution, drinking water treatment, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment. Course work includes 240 hours of industry cooperative work experience, laboratory methods in environmental chemistry, aquatic microbiology and preparation for the provisional operator certification exams.


    Water & Environmental Technology AAS Degree

    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to perform the following AAS program outcomes in addition to the one year certificate outcomes:

    • be more marketable through a second career related work experience,
    • attain higher grade licensure which will lead to higher wages,
    • be certified and licensed as a State of Oregon approved Backflow Assembly Tester,
    • develop a thorough understanding of the principles of hydraulics as applied to the water and wastewater industry,
    • obtain increased knowledge of bacterial processes used in water and wastewater systems,
    • obtain hands-on experience with instrumentation and control systems used in water and wastewater plant operations.


    Water & Environmental Technology Certificate Degree

    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • successfully pass the state required level-1 licensure exams for Oregon wastewater treatment and collection systems, additionally pass the Washington State Operator In Training exams in water treatment and distribution,
    • maintain and operate water and waste water treatment facilities and collection and water distribution systems,
    • utilize mathematical skills to solve licensure exam problems as well as situations experienced at water and waste water facilities,
    • conduct and document scientific laboratory experiments as applied to the water and waste water industry and effectively communicate determined quantitative relationships using both graphs and equations,
    • exhibit good teamwork skills and serve as effective members of laboratory and project teams,
    • articulate and justify technical solutions to an audience through oral, written, and graphical communication,
    • communicate the importance of safety in operator daily activities and be good stewards of ethical and professionally work place interactions.


    Career opportunities include water and/or liquid waste treatment plant and system operator, environmental science technician and environmental engineering technician. Careers also include environmental lab technician, source control technician, surface water specialist and environmental regulator.

    For information contact Matthew LaForce 503-594-3148 or laforce@clackamas.edu


    FALL TERM Credits

    CH-104 Introductory Chemistry

    or CH-221 General Chemistry 5

    MTH-082A Wastewater Math I 1

    MTH-082B Waterworks Math I 1

    WET-110 Wastewater Operations I 3

    WET-111 Waterworks Operations I 3

    WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

    or WR-121 English Composition 3-4

    COMM-100* Basic Speech Communication

    or PSY-101 Human Relations 3

    WINTER TERM Credits

    BI-204 Elementary Microbiology 4

    MTH-082C Wastewater Math II 1

    MTH-082D Waterworks Math II 1

    WET-120 Wastewater Operations II 3

    WET-121 Waterworks Operations II 3

    WET-122 Water Distribution/Wastewater Collection

    Systems 3

    WET-123 Environmental Chemistry I 3

    SPRING TERM Credits

    BA-131 Introduction to Business Computing 4

    WET-130 Wastewater Operations III 4

    WET-131 Water Treatment 4

    WET-132 Collection & Distribution Lab 1

    WET-134 Environmental Chemistry II 3

    WET-180 Water & Environmental Projects I 5

    Credits required for certificate 58-59

    *COMM-100 may be substituted by taking all of the following: COMM-100A, COMM-100B and COMM-100C

    WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY Associate of Applied Science Degree: 1ST YEAR

    Complete certificate program.

    WATER & ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY Associate of Applied Science Degree: 2ND YEAR

    FALL TERM Credits

    WET-241 Aquatic Microbiology 4

    WET-242 Hydraulics/Water & Wastewater 3

    WET-245 Instrumentation & Control 4

    WET-280 Water & Environmental Projects II 5

    WINTER TERM Credits

    GIS-201 Introduction to Geographic Information System 3

    MTH-082E Math For High Purity Water 1

    MTH-095 Algebra III

    or MTH-111 College Algebra 4-5

    WET-125 High Purity Water Production I 3

    SPRING TERM Credits

    HE-252 First Aid/CPR/AED 3

    WET-109 Backflow Assembly Operation and Testing 3

    WET-135 High Purity Water Production II 4

    Credits required for degree 95-98

    Professional Upgrade Courses

    The following courses are designed to upgrade professional skills and in some cases assist in preparation for state certification examinations.

    COURSE CEU Credits

    XWET-C001 1 Day Cross Connection Specialist Update (CEU)

    XWET-C002 1 Day Tester Renewal (CEU)

    XWET-C003 2 Day Tester Retrain/Renewal (CEU)

    XWET-C004 4 Day Cross Connection Specialist (3.2 CEU)

    XWET-C005 5 Day Backflow Tester Course (4.0 CEU)

    XWET-C006 Water Certification Review (1.6 CEU)

    XWET-C007 Water Environment School (2.1 CEU)

    XWET-C008 Waterworks School (2.0 CEU)

    WET-010 Wastewater Operations I 3 credits

    WET-011 Waterworks Operations I 3 credits

    WET-020 Wastewater Operations II 3 credits

    WET-021 Waterworks Operations II 3 credits

    WET-030 Wastewater Operation III 3 credits

    WET-031 Water Treatment 3 credits

    Information from the 2015-2016 catalog.

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