Manufacturing Department | CC - Certificate of Completion | 6 months

Take a small series of classes focusing on Mastercam manufacturing technology from Clackamas Community College to earn the Mastercam certificate.

The Mastercam program is comprised of a series of three classes that prepare students to use Mastercam for 2D and 3D model building, toolpath selection and creation, and toolpath verification. Students will learn all basic 2D milling toolpaths, 3D surfacing toolpaths, and lathe with live-tooling toolpaths.


Job Outlook
Descriptions and Outcomes

Mastercam Certificate

Complete the following Mastercam Core Requirements
  • MFG-271
  • Mastercam Mill I
  • 4
  • MFG-272
  • Mastercam Mill II
  • 4
  • MFG-273
  • Mastercam Lathe/Mill/Multi-Ax
  • 4
Total Credits Required: 12
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