• Auto Body/Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

    Associate of Applied Science Degree

    Program code: AAS.ABCOLRRTECH

    The Auto Body/Collision Repair and Refinishing program simulates real working conditions in a well-equipped modern shop facility. Training combines intensive theory and practical lab experience tailored to specific needs. Course work includes one term of cooperative work experience with a local employer. The flexibility of the program allows students to enter any term and proceed at their own pace.

    Technicians repair or replace parts, straighten structure, install and adjust glass and components, repair electrical systems, restraints, suspension components, brakes, prepare all types of surfaces for necessary refinishing operations, mix and apply modern urethane and waterborne paint products, and finish their work to industry standards. Skills learned include welding, metal straightening, filler use, plastic repair, surface preparation, masking, product selection, mixing, color matching and application techniques, as well as detailing and troubleshooting. This certificate qualifies students to apply for an I-CAR Non-structional Technician Pro Level I and I-CAR Refinish Technician Pro Level I Certification.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate the proper selection of tools and materials needed to perform metal straightening and plastic filler repair processes,
    • prepare a repaired surface, choose and apply appropriate materials, block sand, clean surface, and apply topcoat, detail;
    • repair sheet metal damage, demonstrate panel replacement techniques, identify structural damage, and formulate viable repair processes;
    • perform spot repairs and blends using the latest industry accepted practices and materials, to the standards of industry;
    • demonstrate skill in major body repair, including frame and Unibody repair;
    • demonstrate the use of electronic frame measuring systems, during the repair of full frame and Unibody vehicles;
    • plan and execute an industry acceptable repair on both full frame and Unibody vehicles, including structural, non-structural, cosmetic and mechanical repairs;
    • display the skills needed to apply high-end automotive finishes to a variety of automotive substrates,
    • perform a variety of welding processes needed to properly repair vehicles of both steel and aluminum construction, in accordance with I-CAR guidelines;
    • demonstrate competency in Collision Repair Estimating, using Mitchells, Audatex, and CCC One software.


    Employment opportunities include auto body technician, frame technician, auto body mid-tech, painter’s helper, painter, estimator or manager in an independent repair shop, automobile dealership, truck or heavy equipment dealer or service center, or sales of auto body related tools and materials.

    For information contact Dave Bradley, 503-594-3051, or the Automotive Department, 503-594-3047.


    FIRST TERM Credits

    AB-112 Collision Repair Welding I 2

    AB-113 Collision Repair I/Nonstructural 6

    ABR-125 Collision Repair Refinishing I 6

    MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I

    or MTH-065 Algebra II 3-4

    SECOND TERM Credits

    AM-223 Hybrid Service Technology 3

    AB-133 Collision Repair II/Structural 6

    ABR-127 Collision Repair Refinishing II* 6

    THIRD TERM Credits

    AB-222 Collision Repair III/Advanced Structural 6

    ABR-129 Collision Repair Refinishing III 6

    — — Human Relations requirement (see page 82) 2)

    (Recommended: COMM-100** or PSY-101) 3


    FOURTH TERM Credits

    AB-149 Collision Repair Estimating I 2

    AB-224 Collision Repair IV/Advanced Structural 6

    ABR-225 Production Shop Techniques 6

    — — PE/Health/Safety/First Aid requirement (see page 82) 2)

    (Recommended: HE-252 or MFG-107) 3

    FIFTH TERM Credits

    AB-150 Collision Repair Computerized Estimating-Audatex 2

    AB-226 Collision Repair V/Advanced Structural 6

    AB-235 Collision Repair Welding III 2

    ABR-227 Restoration Practices 6

    SIXTH TERM Credits

    AB-151 Collision Repair Computerized Estimating-CCCONE 2

    AB-280 Collision Repair/CWE 6

    ABR-142 Airbrush Art

    or ABR-152 Custom Painting Fundamentals

    or ABR-162 Basic Automotive Pinstriping 2

    WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

    or WR-121 English Composition 3-4

    Credits required for degree 92-94

    * Program requirements: Current enrollment in or successful completion of AB-112 Collision Repair Welding I and ABR-125 Collision Repair Refinishing I must be completed or in progress prior to enrolling in ABR-127 Collision Repair Refinishing

    Information from the 2016-2017 catalog.

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