• Urban Agriculture


    Program code: CC.URBANAG

    This certificate focuses on an ecological systems approach to sustainable farming principles and practices which are suitable for local food crop production. Many classes have a lab component, which provides students with the opportunity to gain a practical, working knowledge of small-scale, organic farming. Production methods for vegetables, grain, fruit and aquaponics are covered. Students may begin this program fall, winter, or spring term.


    Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • apply sustainable, organic methods in the planning, planting, management and harvesting of food crops,
    • select and properly use farm equipment that is appropriate for a given scale and system of farming,
    • implement organic IPM strategies in orchards and on small scale vegetable and berry farms,
    • use a basic understanding of soil science and irrigation systems to make ecologically sound decisions in the production of food crops,
    • write a business plan and identify the various regulations that impact an organic food producer,
    • effectively communicate with co-workers and customers through speaking, writing and computer technology,
    • pass the ODA Pesticide Laws & Safety exam.


    The Urban Agriculture certificate prepares graduates to operate their own farm or work in the community food system. Graduates will be qualified to run small-scale farms, work closely with existing farmers, and be advocates of local food systems. Other career opportunities include working and managing community gardens, farmers markets, and school gardens.

    For information contact Renee Harber, Horticulture advisor, 503-594-3294 or rharber@clackamas.edu


    FALL TERM Credits

    HOR-124 Food Harvest 3

    HOR-125 Food Production in the Willamette Valley 3

    HOR-235 Weed Identification 2

    HOR-236 Insect Identification 2

    HOR-250 Western Herbs 2

    WR-101 Communication Skills: Occupational Writing

    or WR-121 English Composition 3-4

    WINTER TERM Credits

    BA-250 Small Business Management 3

    HOR-135 Propagation of Edible Plants 3

    HOR-136 Urban Agriculture Practicum/Winter 6

    HOR-216 Integrated Pest Management 3

    HOR-231 Irrigation & Drainage Design 3

    SPRING TERM Credits

    HOR-120 Pesticide Laws & Safety 1

    HOR-140 Soils 3

    HOR-141 Urban Agriculture Practicum/Spring 6

    HOR-148 Farm Equipment 3

    HOR-246 Organic Farming and Gardening 3

    SUMMER TERM Credits

    BA-285 Human Relations in Business

    or COMM-100* Basic Speech Communication 3-4

    HOR-146 Fruit and Berry Growing 3

    HOR-284 Urban Agriculture Farm Experience/CWE 3

    HOR-285 Urban Agriculture/CWE 3

    MTH-050 Technical Mathematics I

    or MTH-065 Algebra II (or higher level math) 3-5

    Credits required for certificate 64-68

    *COMM-100 may be substituted by taking all of the following: COMM-100A, COMM-100B and COMM-100C

    Information from the 2015-2016 catalog.

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