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    The CCC Music Department Library is housed in the Niemeyer Arts Center. Our substantial and comprehensive collections serve as a significant resource for our students and faculty.

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    The Ed Beach Jazz Collection

    The internationally-recognized “JUST JAZZ, with Ed Beach” collection consists of over 2,400 hours of recorded jazz, along with intelligent and expert historical, biographical, and discographical commentary. The original master tapes are housed in the Library of Congress.

    The popular and widely acclaimed radio show, "JUST JAZZ with Ed Beach", ran from 1965 to 1972 on WRVR in New York City. "JUST JAZZ" was broadcast Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM and repeated each day from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM (the very popular "drive time" periods).

    Each two-hour show was devoted to a specific jazz performer, composer, or group, with some artists featured for as much as a week. Selections played were taken from the widely known personal collection of the host, Ed Beach, who spent countless hours acquiring and learning about the recordings.

    The "JUST JAZZ with Ed Beach" collection is of major importance. Mr. Beach's meticulous research on each featured artist is exhibited in the well informed and interesting commentary that he provides between selections.

    The "JUST JAZZ with Ed Beach" collection is comprehensive, containing the important representative examples of every artist of any consequence from the early 1900s through 1972. Students wishing to study jazz composition, jazz styles, and jazz history will find this a major resource.

    The collection is catalogued chronologically from the first to the last show. It is also cross-referenced by artist. In time, it will be cross-referenced by song title, composer, instrument, and sideman, all to be available in computer database.

    This edition of the "JUST JAZZ with Ed Beach" collection is in cassette tape format. The over 2,400 cassette tapes were transferred from the original twelve-inch reels by the late Jack Hasbrouck, Portland, Oregon drummer and jazz lover. This was a monumental project, accomplished with love, respect, patience, and a vision of sustaining and enhancing America's classical music, Jazz.

    It was Mr. Hasbrouck's wish that the collection be used in an institution of higher learning to enrich the minds and souls of students engaged in the study of music. It is in this spirit that the "JUST JAZZ with Ed Beach" collection has been donated to Clackamas Community College by the late Mr. Hasbrouck's wife, JoAnne.

    Vinyl Recording Collection
    The Vinyl Music Collection holds over 1200 carefully selected works of the great classical composers and artists.
    CD Collection
    The CD Collection contains blues, folk, jazz, pop, world/ethnic, and classical music. This collection contains over 600 titles and new titles are added each year.
    Print Music Collection
    The Print Music Collection contains over 10,000 works for Concert Band, Chamber Choir, Instrumental and Vocal Jazz Ensembles, Chamber Ensembles, and Jazz Combos.
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