The CCC Foundation raises funds each year to provide up to $1,000,000 in scholarship awards to new and returning students. Students planning to attend CCC to pursue a degree or certificate can apply during the open application periods. To apply there is a requirement for the student to take at least six credits each term and maintain a 2.0 GPA or above. On average, one in three applicants received a scholarship!


How to Apply

There is just one simple electronic application to fill out. When the application is completed, the student will automatically be considered for any scholarships where they meet the criteria, based on the information provided. See below for resources to complete your application successfully. Information sessions will be scheduled in March or April each year and posted on this site when information is available.

Below is more information about the scholarship application deadlines, award notice dates and disbursement details:

ApplicationApplication OpensApplication Closes/DeadlineApplication ReviewNotice of AwardFunds Split Between Terms Next Academic Years
Round 1 (Upcoming)
March 1, 2024
April 24, 2024
May 2024
May-June 2024
Fall, Winter, Spring (2024-25)
Round 2
July 29, 2024
Oct. 17, 2024
Oct./Nov. 2024
Nov.-Dec. 2024
Winter, Spring (2025)
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Hear from past scholarship recipients

Some of the scholarship options at CCC

  • Academic honor
  • First in family to attend college
  • Members of military families
  • Single parents
  • Transfer students
  • Career Technical students
  • Training for specific careers
  • Financial need
  • Students formerly attended a district high school

CONTACT: | 503-594-6082 | Oregon City campus, Wacheno Welcome Center

If you would like help applying for the scholarship, please visit our Financial Aid Resource Lab.

View the complete list of CCC Foundation Scholarships.

External scholarship opportunities

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GED and ESOL Students: Converting Scores to GPA in Application

If you have a GED score, or if you completed your secondary education in another country, use the chart below to calculate your estimated GPA. Use the GPA score to answer the question titled, "Enter High School GPA" on the scholarship application. For help using the chart, email us at

GED Completed Score (2002-2013)GED Completed Score (2014-present)Completed Secondary Education in Another CountryEstimate GPA to Enter
701-800186-200Very Best Final Grades4.0
601-700174-185Outstanding Final Grades3.5
501-600157-171Average to Good Final Grades3.0
410-500145-156Passed to Below Average Grades2.0

Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships

Scholarship Application / Technical Questions
Scholarship Eligibility
Using non-CCC Scholarships