Instructional and Student Services Policies and Procedures

This page lists official college policies and procedures for instruction and student services at CCC. These policies are informed by district policies set by the Clackamas Community College Board of Education. Board policies apply to the entire college and can be found in the Clackamas Community College Online Policy Manual.

Policies and procedures below are organized by categories of related topics. Policies and procedures with the ISP prefix are maintained by the Instructional Standards and Procedures (ISP) Committee and are primarily focused on academics. Policies and procedures with the ARC prefix are maintained by the Access, Retention and Completion (ARC) Committee and are primarily focused on students.

Instruction and Courses (100-199)

Evaluation, Examination and Placement (200-299)

Earning Credit (300-399)

Admissions, Enrollment and Graduation (400-499)

Conduct, Safety and Security (600-699)


Contact Us

Sue Goff  

Chair, ISP Committee

(503) 594-3110


Jennifer Anderson

Chair, ARC Committee

(503) 594-6222