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Vision, Mission and Values

Established in 1966 in Oregon City, Oregon, the goal of Clackamas Community College's has always been to provide quality education and training to people in our service district within Clackamas County. We're proud to say we've been accomplishing that goal for more than 50 years. Read more to learn more about the mission and values that guide our decision making.


Empowering individuals, strengthening communities.


As our community's college, we cultivate equitable, innovative, and responsive education.


  • Learning
  • Equity
  • Student success
  • Community
  • Belonging

Code of Ethics

To perform our jobs in a way that fosters personal growth and academic excellence, recognizes the inherent goodness of all people, models personal and academic integrity, respects diversity, and shows concern for the needs and feelings of others.

Strategic Priorities 2021-26

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Lead and support ongoing development and improvement of equitable innovative and responsive learning environments for students and employees.

Holistic Student Support

Collaborate with students both in and out of the classroom to understand and respond to their needs and goals.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Attract, retain, and uplift systemically non-dominant students and employees.

Organizational Health

Strengthen our organizational culture, our systems, and our stewardship of resources in order to better empower employees to fulfill our central mission: serving the community with high-quality education and training.

Community Connections

Cultivate and nurture responsive and sustainable community relationships.


Learn more about these strategic priorities and the strategic planning process on the Strategic Planning webpage

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