Financial aid census date policy FAQ

Get answers to your financial aid questions. Learn more about financial aid deadlines and policies and how to use financial aid for bookstore charges. If you have additional questions or need help getting started with financial aid, visit CCC's Financial Aid Resource Lab.

Census Date Policy FAQ

What is a Financial Aid Census Date?
My class starts later in the term, do I need to be registered for this class by the Census Date?
Will my financial aid cover a class added after the Census Date?
What happens to my financial aid if I drop my classes after the drop deadline (first two weeks of each term)?
What kinds of classes will count toward my financial aid calculation/awards?
Why are some of my credits excluded?
When will my financial aid be disbursed and refunded?
Does CCC have bus passes available?
Will I be dropped from my courses if my financial aid has not disbursed by the third week of the term?

Census Date Policy FAQ regarding Bookstore charges

Am I allowed to charge books at the CCC Bookstore using my financial aid?
Can I charge books at the bookstore if I have pending aid?
How much can I charge against my financial aid?
How do I obtain my textbooks for the term?
I have not received my Financial Aid offer, how do I obtain my textbooks for the term?
I would like to purchase my textbooks from another seller. Do I have to use the CCC Bookstore?
What can I buy with financial aid at the bookstore?
What will my charge look like on my student account?
Do I need my CCC student ID to purchase books at the bookstore?
Problems charging books?
I need to return my books and I used my financial aid to pay. Can I do this?
How do I dispute a bookstore charge?
There is a charge on my account that reads: FLNK-Rcpt: xxx x 82780? What is this?
I need to verify the bookstore charges on my student account. How do I get a copy of my receipt(s)?

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