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    Career planning involves knowing about various educational and career possibilities.

    For many students, making a career decision can be confusing and frustrating. You may feel pressure to immediately select a major and know exactly what career path to take. Deciding on a career or a major is a process that often takes time. Even if you have chosen a major, it is beneficial to take the time to explore options.

    Once you know yourself (your interests, personality, values, and abilities), the next step is to exploring majors and career options. Select from the following options to get started:

  • Choosing A Major


    Remember, your major does not always determine your career. College grads use their education in a wide variety of fields. In addition to the options listed on the What Can I Do With This Major website, you should explore and learn about the wide range of career opportunities available to you.

    What Can I Do With This Major (Note: This resource was developed by the University of Tennessee.  Some majors listed on the What Can I Do With This Major website are not offered at CCC.)  

      View programs of study/majors offered at CCC.  Many of the majors listed above are available through our transfer degree programs  

    Learn About Careers

    Gather information about careers with these helpful websites:

    Get advice from professionals in your field of interest:

    • Do an Informational Interview. Informational interviews are one of the best ways to gather career information.
    • Attend a Career Fair at CCC.
    • Check out an On-Campus Recruitment event in the Community Center. (schedule will be posted in the myclackamas portal each week)

    Watch career videos:

    Careers in Demand

    In Demand Oregon

    In Demand National

    • Career One Stop: A Look at Industries: Fastest-Growing, Largest Employment, Highest-Paying
  • Career Coach Information

    Career Coach

    Use our online tool to explore how a CCC degree can connect you with a great career. Learn about local job listings, salary projections, in-demand careers and more.

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