Title IX policies and definitions

Clackamas Community College has adopted policies that support our ability to establish, maintain and improve an environment in which sexual assault, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking are not tolerated. We are committed to the safety and well-being of every member of our community.

The college continues to strengthen its policies in order to establish and maintain a safe and nondiscriminatory educational and employment environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.


The following definitions and examples provide a common language for the CCC community around issues involved in sexual respect and/or misconduct. These terms, such as "consent," "sexual assault" and "retaliation," may be found in various places within the college's policies and procedures. These definitions are used when interpreting those policies and procedures and will help when discussions about norms of conduct occur among CCC staff and students.

Title IX policies and definitions

Sexual Assault
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Misconduct
Intimate Partner Violence/Dating Violence
Domestic Violence
Intentional Incapacitation
Reporting Person/Complainant
Responding Person/Respondent