A message from CCC President Cook

Jun 2, 2020, 16:05 PM by CCC Staff


This weekend I grieved as I witnessed yet another atrocity against the Black community and the strife around our nation’s response. The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery demonstrate the systemic racism in our country. The institutionalized racism that led to their murders and the murders of so many Black and Brown people before them is unconscionable, yet it persists.

As I watched the protests over the weekend, I felt sick seeing the anguish racism is causing and understand the rage taking place across the country. The hatred and disrespect against Black Americans are intolerable. For those of you who live in fear and pain, I make a commitment to not only bear witness, but also to enact change in areas where I have influence and power. We need to change. We can, and will, do better and until we do, I will stand with you in your pain.

Community colleges were created to make education accessible to everyone. College should be a place of inclusion, understanding, free speech, and acceptance as well as a place to open minds. I want to make our college safe for our students, staff and faculty of color while working to dismantle the longstanding systems of oppression. 

What can you do to help end social injustice? Contact your elected officials. Vote. Take the census. Make your voice heard and be part of the conversation. Together we can end prejudice and inequality.

Please take care of yourselves, be kind to others, and stay well. 

Dr. Tim Cook
President, Clackamas Community College


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Lori Hall

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