CCC Awarded Grow Your Own Teacher Grant

Jan 28, 2021, 10:47 AM by CCC Staff

OREGON CITY – Clackamas Community College has been awarded a Grow Your Own/Teacher Partnership Pathway grant from the Oregon Department of Education for $102,644 over six months.

One purpose of this grant is to meet the personnel needs of local school districts by providing career pathways for local teacher candidates. An additional goal of the grant is to recruit future teachers who reflect the diversity found within our own community. These funds will allow CCC to complete the development of a Spanish language Early Childhood Education program, work with community and university partners on creating pathways for future licensed K-12 teachers currently attending school or working in local districts, and expand the statewide reach of the college's Career Technical Education Licensure Prep program.

In Clackamas County, in Oregon, and across the nation, there is a lack of educators who reflect the demographics of their local communities, and there is an urgent need to increase the linguistic and cultural diversity of the local teaching workforce. By focusing on serving diverse future educators in Clackamas County and meeting them where they are, the college aims to develop a teaching force reflective of the community.

CCC's Teach in Clackamas program will provide skilled educators to serve area children. The disparities in the teacher workforce are most apparent for LatinX students – currently, only 4% of educators in Clackamas County are Hispanic/Latino compared to 9% of county residents. A recent community assessment conducted by the Early Learning Hub of Clackamas County found that 16% of children 5-17 speak a language other than English and 59% of those speak Spanish. When surveying the early childhood education state- and federally funded programs in Clackamas County, 20% of the children in the birth-5-year-old programs are Spanish-speakers.

To address these gaps, CCC will use the grant to create a Spanish language Early Childhood Education certificate and degree program. This will allow bilingual students to complete their program in their primary language, whether it is English or Spanish, so they can provide high-quality early childhood education programs for bilingual children and families.

The Teach in Clackamas program will also focus on partnerships with Clackamas County high schools so students planning to become teachers can work as support personnel in area schools while they complete their teacher preparation programs. The "earn and learn" model reduces the burden of paying for college and provides networking opportunities that could lead to future teaching positions. Additionally, the college will work closely with the Clackamas ESD and university partners to assist currently working staff who wish to pursue a teaching license.

"CCC has a strong infrastructure in place to support an educator pipeline, yet it requires dedicated resources to fully connect with aspiring teachers in the K-12 system and to help support personnel with career advancement," Shalee Hodgson, CCC associate dean, said. "This grant will give us the resources we need to successfully recruit and educate future teachers."

Grant partners include Clackamas Workforce Partnership, Clackamas County Children's Commission, Canby High School, Molalla High School and the West-Linn Wilsonville School District.

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